From Wall Street With Guile

From Wall Street With Guile

In the last few weeks in America a new growing mass movement started in New York and now spreading to numerous other America cities arise. The hub and start of this protest wave being the occupy Wall Street movement. Which is still going strong now.

While the rank and file protesters have serious and real grievances due to what the Jews have done to the Nation:

We have another dimension in the mix, the Jew.

The Jews operate on the problem, reaction, solution formula of the Hegelian dialect or “Start a fire to sell them a fire hose” as a Yiddish saying goes. The Jews knew that after their second war [To crush Nations that had broken free of them in Europe during the critical reaction stage] America was no longer ripe for outright Communist revolution in the day as the masses would never support it now due to the change in the social, political and economy life in the Nation. The American Communist Party had over a million members at the height of the Jewish banksters engineered depression in the 1930’s designed to create the situation where the Jews could take over via a Communist revolution [as well as work to centralize all the banking and economic power in their hands which equals political power, Lenin stated that is 90% of Communizing a Nation] which was working abroad at the same time as in Russia and across Europe.

The Jews running up against strong opposition previous in Europe  and their violent revolutions being defeated in West and Central Europe along with the Red Army running out of stream and being defeated in Poland. In the mid 1920’s came up with a slow drip method to topple a nation from within and termed this soft subversion or Trojan Horse method was finalized in the doctrine of “Cultural Marxism” by the Jewish think-tank of the Frankfurt school.

This Cultural Marxism was exported to America in the 1930’s and put to work in the 1950’s and on. When as stated they understood the situation for open Communist revolution of the workers had passed. They decided on a slow drip method that in time allied with another mathematically created economic collapse they could capitalize off the reaction and restart their direct agenda again. People need to understand the Jews plan in decades and centuries and steps that unfold and stay adaptable in the course of time to obtain their goal of a Global Jew World Order. 

For an in-depth view of this reality:
The Jewish Communizing of America

Today with the protest movements at Wall Street we see this unfolding evidenced by the fact the movement was created and is funded by the Jewish power structure agents such as the notorious Hench Jew of the Rothschild’s, George Soros who organized the Occupy Wall Street Movement via Adbusters:

Adbusters made the initial call in mid-July, and also produced a very sexy poster with a ballerina posed atop the Charging Bull statue and riot police in the background. US Day of Rage. [1]
This group then contracted the “NYC General Assembly” a  covered Communist front group of Jews and usefools to carry out the grunt work and get it going.

The Adbusters Media Foundation describes itself as a non-profit “anti-consumerist” organization that functions as “a global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age.”

Like many so-called leftist non-profits, Adbusters is a creature of globalist foundations. According to research conducted by, Adbusters takes money from a number of supposedly progressive foundations, including the big Kahuna of leftish foundations – the Tides Foundation and Tides Center. Between 1996 and 2003, Tides doled out $334,217.00 to Adbusters, by far the largest amount of eight foundations donating.

Steve Baldwin claims Tides received over $7 million from George Soros. Although the monetary connection between Tides’ founder Drummond Pike and the arch globalist Soros is somewhat murky, researcher Ron Arnold has mapped out numerous connections between the two so-called philanthropists. Under IRS rules, Drummond is not obliged to reveal who he receives money from to fund a large number of supposedly progressive organizations.

“The Tides Foundation is a pass-through for other foundations’ money,” writes Arnold. “Tides Foundation is a public charity, not a private foundation. Tides Foundation passes other foundations’ money to a spectrum of left-wing organizations which the original donors would not or could not support on their own… Because none of the more than 260 projects under the Tides umbrella files its own Form 990 with the IRS, their finances are totally secret and not available for public inspection, an issue that requires congressional remedy.”
“It would seem George Soros is connected to the U.S. Day of Rage aka Occupy Wall Street through The Ruckus Society. On the U.S. Day of Rage website. The Ruckus Society receives funding from the Tides Foundation and George Soros’ Open Society Institute provides grants to Tides, including a mere $4.2 Million in 2008, the last year figures are available.”[2]
Who else has hovered into to help to direct this movement?

A widely reproduced article October 5 (“Seeking Energy, Unions Join Protest Against Wall Street”), the New York Times pointed prominently to the attitude and role of Stuart [Jew]Appelbaum, president of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU), in relation to the current Occupy Wall Street protests.[3]

More on Applebaum:

As well as serving since 1998 as president of the 100,000-member RWDSU, now a division of the United Food and Commercial Workers (Change to Win Federation), Appelbaum is president of the Jewish Labor Committee, a pro-Israeli lobby within the American trade unions. In this capacity, he regularly defends Zionist policy, although in its “moderate” Labor Party version, and denounces Palestinian resistance. He is also associated with Ameinu, the successor to the Labor Zionist Alliance.

Prior to the disaffiliation of the UFCW from the AFL-CIO, Appelbaum functioned as a Vice President of the national AFL-CIO and a member of the federation’s Executive Council from 1998 until 2005. He also currently serves as a vice president of the New York State AFL-CIO and the New York City Central Labor Council.

He plays a prominent role in the Democratic Party, having served formerly as Chief House Counsel of the Democratic National Committee. Appelbaum was elected a delegate to the 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008 Democratic National Conventions and an alternate delegate to the 1992 Democratic National Convention. In 2008, he served as a member of the Electoral College as an Obama elector from New York.

Appelbaum sits on Freedom House board with a variety of right-wing academics, trade unions officials and assorted US government operatives past and present, including Kenneth Adelman, formerly an assistant to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (under Gerald Ford), and later a member of the Defense Policy Board. Another Freedom House trustee is Diane Villiers Negroponte, wife of John Negroponte, ambassador to Honduras during the 1980s, who played a key role in supplying and supervising the CIA-backed “contra” mercenaries who were based in that country, and whose operations claimed 50,000 lives.[3]


Media spokesmen for the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations claimed that their operation is totally transparent, with everything subject to democratic discussion in a general assembly of all comers. But eyewitness reports from experienced observers on the ground in lower Manhattan indicate a much different reality behind these bland assurances. Forces appeared to be at work behind the scenes to manipulate the protest movement ….

Eyewitness observers suggest that the deliberations of the general assembly are largely a diversion, and that real power is being increasingly concentrated in the hands of about 20 mysterious and anonymous individuals who appear to make up a kind of covert steering committee that pulls the strings on the general assembly, or else goes around it completely. The members of this cadre of mysterious operatives are not as young as the average demonstrator. The secret leadership is made up of people ranging in age from 25 to over 40, with the older ones occupying the key posts.

Attempts to ascertain the names of the behind-the-scenes leaders are met with stonewalling. When pressed to reveal her identity, one female leader gave her name as “Mary MIA.” Another gave his name as “Tony POW.”

If the leaders of OWS want to be transparent, let them make public at least the full names of the people whare actually running the show. No one wants to join a movement with anonymous leaders.
Observers have noticed that almost all of the likely members of the secret steering committee disappear from view between 4 and 6 p.m. each afternoon, right before the opening of the general assembly, for which they then re-appear. It is assumed that they are attending a closed-door meeting, but the general assembly is not officially informed of this fact.[4]

We are experiencing a return transit of the Jews via their formula of problem, reaction, solution. Creating and funding a mass movement for an End Game power grab and the folding of America into the Jew World Order. Which is playing off the terraforming  of America over decades of psychological programming of Cultural Marxism [every major campus is a Cultural Marxist seminary] to have the leftist usefools by legion to be the marching fodder to create the core ranks needed along with a Jewish leadership body. And with the spark of the engineered depression to unite them into a battering ram of Global Jewry.




General Patton’s Warning And His Murder By The Jew

General Patton’s Warning And His Murder By The Jew

My note General Eisenhower was a Jew by his own confession, Eisenhower is taken
from Eisenhauer a Jewish surname.

“In Eisenhower’s West Point Military Academy graduating class yearbook,
published in 1915, Eisenhower is identified as a “terrible Swedish Jew.”

It’s not a suprise that the Kosher owned White House with the President Franklin
Delano Roosevelt who himself was of Dutch-Jewish ancestry and his staff read
like a synagogue list:

“In 1943, Washington not only transferred Col. Eisenhower to Europe but promoted
him over more than 30 more experienced senior officers to five star general and
placed him in charge of all the US forces in Europe.

This “General” personally ordered the genocide of 1.7 million German soliders
after the war was over in his P.O.W camps.


At the end of World War II, one of America’s top military leaders accurately
assessed the shift in the balance of world power which that war had produced and
foresaw the enormous danger of communist aggression against the West. Alone
among U.S. leaders he warned that America should act immediately, while her
supremacy was unchallengeable, to end that danger. Unfortunately, his warning
went unheeded, and he was quickly silenced by a convenient “accident” which took
his life.

Thirty-two years ago, in the terrible summer of 1945, the U.S. Army had just
completed the destruction of Europe and had set up a government of military
occupation amid the ruins to rule the starving Germans and deal out victors’
justice to the vanquished. General George S. Patton, commander of the U.S. Third
Army, became military governor of the greater portion of the American occupation
zone of Germany.

Patton was regarded as the “fightingest” general in all the Allied forces. He
was considerably more audacious and aggressive than most commanders, and his
martial ferocity may very well have been the deciding factor which led to the
Allied victory. He personally commanded his forces in many of the toughest and
most decisive battles of the war: in Tunisia, in Sicily, in the cracking of the
Siegfried Line, in holding back the German advance during the Battle of the
Bulge, in the exceptionally bloody fighting around Bastogne in December 1944 and
January 1945.

During the war Patton had respected the courage and the fighting qualities of
the Germans — especially when he compared them with those of some of America’s
allies — but he had also swallowed whole the hate-inspired wartime propaganda
generated by America’s alien media masters. He believed Germany was a menace to
America’s freedom and that Germany’s National Socialist government was an
especially evil institution. Acting on these beliefs he talked incessantly of
his desire to kill as many Germans as possible, and he exhorted his troops to
have the same goal. These bloodthirsty exhortations led to the nickname “Blood
and Guts” Patton.

It was only in the final days of the war and during his tenure as military
governor of Germany — after he had gotten to know both the Germans and
America’s “gallant Soviet allies” — that Patton’s understanding of the true
situation grew and his opinions changed. In his diary and in many letters to his
family, friends, various military colleagues, and government officials, he
expressed his new understanding and his apprehensions for the future. His diary
and his letters were published in 1974 by the Houghton Mifflin Company under the
title The Patton Papers.

Several months before the end of the war, General Patton had recognized the
fearful danger to the West posed by the Soviet Union, and he had disagreed
bitterly with the orders which he had been given to hold back his army and wait
for the Red Army to occupy vast stretches of German, Czech, Rumanian, Hungarian,
and Yugoslav territory, which the Americans could have easily taken instead.

On May 7, 1945, just before the German capitulation, Patton had a conference in
Austria with U.S. Secretary of War Robert Patterson. Patton was gravely
concerned over the Soviet failure to respect the demarcation lines separating
the Soviet and American occupation zones. He was also alarmed by plans in
Washington for the immediate partial demobilization of the U.S. Army.

Patton said to Patterson: “Let’s keep our boots polished, bayonets sharpened,
and present a picture of force and strength to the Red Army. This is the only
language they understand and respect.”

Patterson replied, “Oh, George, you have been so close to this thing so long,
you have lost sight of the big picture.”

Patton rejoined: “I understand the situation. Their (the Soviet) supply system
is inadequate to maintain them in a serious action such as I could put to them.
They have chickens in the coop and cattle on the hoof — that’s their supply
system. They could probably maintain themselves in the type of fighting I could
give them for rive days. After that it would make no difference how many million
men they have, and if you wanted Moscow I could give it to you. They lived on
the land coming down. There is insufficient left for them to maintain themselves
going back. Let’s not give them time to build up their supplies. If we do, then
. . . we have had a victory over the Germans and disarmed them, but we have
failed in the liberation of Europe; we have lost the war!”

Patton’s urgent and prophetic advice went unheeded by Patterson and the other
politicians and only served to give warning about Patton’s feelings to the alien
conspirators behind the scenes in New York, Washington, and Moscow.

The more he saw of the Soviets, the stronger Patton’s conviction grew that the
proper course of action would be to stifle communism then and there, while the
chance existed. Later in May 1945 he attended several meetings and social
affairs with top Red Army officers, and he evaluated them carefully. He noted in
his diary on May 14: “I have never seen in any army at any time, including the
German Imperial Army of 1912, as severe discipline as exists in the Russian
army. The officers, with few exceptions, give the appearance of recently
civilized Mongolian bandits.”

And Patton’s aide, General Hobart Gay, noted in his own journal for May 14:
“Everything they (the Russians) did impressed one with the idea of virility and

Nevertheless, Patton knew that the Americans could whip the Reds then — but
perhaps not later. On May 18 he noted in his diary: “In my opinion, the American
Army as it now exists could beat the Russians with the greatest of ease,
because, while the Russians have good infantry, they are lacking in artillery,
air, tanks, and in the knowledge of the use of the combined arms, whereas we
excel in all three of these. If it should be necessary to right the Russians,
the sooner we do it the better.”

Two days later he repeated his concern when he wrote his wife: “If we have to
fight them, now is the time. From now on we will get weaker and they stronger.”

Having immediately recognized the Soviet danger and urged a course of action
which would have freed all of eastern Europe from the communist yoke with the
expenditure of far less American blood than was spilled in Korea and Vietnam and
would have obviated both those later wars not to mention World War III — Patton
next came to appreciate the true nature of the people for whom World War II was
fought: the Jews.

Most of the Jews swarming over Germany immediately after the war came from
Poland and Russia, and Patton found their personal habits shockingly

He was disgusted by their behavior in the camps for Displaced Persons (DP’s)
which the Americans built for them and even more disgusted by the way they
behaved when they were housed in German hospitals and private homes. He observed
with horror that “these people do not understand toilets and refuse to use them
except as repositories for tin cans, garbage, and refuse . . . They decline,
where practicable, to use latrines, preferring to relieve themselves on the

He described in his diary one DP camp, “where, although room existed, the Jews
were .crowded together to an appalling extent, and in practically every room
there was a pile of garbage in one corner which was also used as a latrine. The
Jews were only forced to desist from their nastiness and clean up the mess by
the threat of the butt ends of rifles. Of course, I know the expression ‘lost
tribes of Israel’ applied to the tribes which disappeared — not to the tribe of
Judah from which the current sons of bitches are descended. However, it is my
personal opinion that this too is a lost tribe — lost to all decency.”

Patton’s initial impressions of the Jews were not improved when he attended a
Jewish religious service at Eisenhower’s insistence. His diary entry for
September 17, 1945, reads in part: “This happened to be the feast of Yom Kippur,
so they were all collected in a large, wooden building, which they called a
synagogue. It behooved General Eisenhower to make a speech to them. We entered
the synagogue, which was packed with the greatest stinking bunch of humanity I
have ever seen. When we got about halfway up, the head rabbi, who was dressed in
a fur hat similar to that worn by Henry VIII of England and in a surplice
heavily embroidered and very filthy, came down and met the General . . . The
smell was so terrible that I almost fainted and actually about three hours later
lost my lunch as the result of remembering it.”

These experiences and a great many others firmly convinced Patton that the Jews
were an especially unsavory variety of creature and hardly deserving of all the
official concern the American government was bestowing on them. Another
September diary entry, following a demand from Washington that more German
housing be turned over to Jews, summed up his feelings: “Evidently the virus
started by Morgenthau and Baruch of a Semitic revenge against all Germans is
still working. Harrison (a U.S. State Department official) and his associates
indicate that they feel German civilians should be removed from houses for the
purpose of housing Displaced Persons. There are two errors in this assumption.
First, when we remove an individual German we punish an individual German, while
the punishment is — not intended for the individual but for the race,
Furthermore, it is against my Anglo-Saxon conscience to remove a person from a
house, which is a punishment, without due process of law. In the second place,
Harrison and his ilk believe that the Displaced Person is a human being, which
he is not, and this applies particularly to the Jews, who are lower than

One of the strongest factors in straightening out General Patton’s thinking on
the conquered Germans was the behavior of America’s controlled news media toward
them. At a press conference in Regensburg, Germany, on May 8, 1945, immediately
after Germany’s surrender, Patton was asked whether he planned to treat captured
SS troops differently from other German POW’s. His answer was: “No. SS means no
more in Germany than being a Democrat in America — that is not to be quoted. I
mean by that that initially the SS people were special sons of bitches, but as
the war progressed they ran out of sons of bitches and then they put anybody in
there. Some of the top SS men will be treated as criminals, but there is no
reason for trying someone who was drafted into this outfit . . .”

Despite Patton’s request that his remark not be quoted, the press eagerly seized
on it, and Jews and their front men in America screamed in outrage over Patton’s
comparison of the SS and the Democratic Party as well as over his announced
intention of treating most SS prisoners humanely.

Patton refused to take hints from the press, however, and his disagreement with
the American occupation policy formulated in Washington grew. Later in May he
said to his brother-in-law: “I think that this non-fraternization is very
stupid. If we are going to keep American soldiers in a country, they have to
have some civilians to talk to. Furthermore, I think we could do a lot for the
German civilians by letting our soldiers talk to their young people.”

Various of Patton’s colleagues tried to make it perfectly clear what was
expected of him. One politically ambitious officer, Brig. Gen. Philip S. Gage,
anxious to please the powers that be, wrote to Patton: “Of course, I know that
even your extensive powers are limited, but I do hope that wherever and whenever
you can you will do what you can to make the German populace suffer. For God’s
sake, please don’t ever go soft in regard to them. Nothing could ever be too bad
for them.”

But Patton continued to do what he thought was right, whenever he could. With
great reluctance, and only after repeated promptings from Eisenhower, he had
thrown German families out of their homes to make room for more than a million
Jewish DP’s — part of the famous “six million” who had supposedly been gassed
— but he balked when ordered to begin blowing up German factories, in accord
with the infamous Morgenthau Plan to destroy Germany’s economic basis forever.
In his diary he wrote: “I doubted the expediency of blowing up factories,
because the ends for which the factories are being blown up — that is,
preventing Germany from preparing for war — can be equally well attained
through the destruction of their machinery, while the buildings can be used to
house thousands of homeless persons.”

Similarly, he expressed his doubts to his military colleagues about the
overwhelming emphasis being placed on the persecution of every German who had
formerly been a member of the National Socialist party. In a letter to his wife
of September 14, 1945, he said: “I am frankly opposed to this war criminal stuff
. It is not cricket and is Semitic. I am also opposed to sending POW’s to work
as slaves in foreign lands, where many will be starved to death.”

Despite his disagreement with official policy, Patton followed the rules laid
down by Morgenthau and others back in Washington as closely as his conscience
would allow, but he tried to moderate the effect, and this brought him into
increasing conflict with Eisenhower and the other politically ambitious
generals. In another letter to his wife he commented: “I have been at Frankfurt
for a civil government conference. If what we are doing (to the Germans) is
‘Liberty, then give me death.’ I can’t see how Americans can sink so low. It is
Semitic, and I am sure of it.”

And in his diary he noted:, “Today we received orders . . . in which we were
told to give the Jews special accommodations. If for Jews, why not Catholics,
Mormons, etc? . . . We are also turning over to the French several hundred
thousand prisoners of war to be used as slave labor in France. It is amusing to
recall that we fought the Revolution in defense of the rights of man and the
Civil War to abolish slavery and have now gone back on both principles.”

His duties as military governor took Patton to all parts of Germany and
intimately acquainted him with the German people and their condition. He could
not help but compare them with the French, the Italians, the Belgians, and even
the British. This comparison gradually forced him to the conclusion that World
War II had been fought against the wrong people.

After a visit to ruined Berlin, he wrote his wife on July 21, 1945: “Berlin gave
me the blues. We have destroyed what could have been a good race, and we are
about to replace them with Mongolian savages. And all Europe will be communist.
It’s said that for the first week after they took it (Berlin), all women who ran
were shot and those who did not were raped. I could have taken it (instead of
the Soviets) had I been allowed.”

This conviction, that the politicians had used him and the U.S. Army for a
criminal purpose, grew in the following weeks. During a dinner with French
General Alphonse Juin in August, Patton was surprised to find the Frenchman in
agreement with him. His diary entry for August 18 quotes Gen. Juin: “It is
indeed unfortunate, mon General, that the English and the Americans have
destroyed in Europe the only sound country — and I do not mean France.
Therefore, the road is now open for the advent of Russian communism.”

Later diary entries and letters to his wife reiterate this same conclusion. On
August 31 he wrote: “Actually, the Germans are the only decent people left in
Europe. it’s a choice between them and the Russians. I prefer the Germans.” And
on September 2: “What we are doing is to destroy the only semi-modern state in
Europe, so that Russia can swallow the whole.”

By this time the Morgenthauists and media monopolists had decided that Patton
was incorrigible and must be discredited. So they began a non-stop hounding of
him in the press, a la Watergate, accusing him of being “soft on Nazis” and
continually recalling an incident in which he had slapped a shirker two years
previously, during the Sicily campaign. A New York newspaper printed the
completely false claim that when Patton had slapped the soldier who was Jewish,
he had called him a “yellow-bellied Jew.”

Then, in a press conference on September 22, reporters hatched a scheme to
needle Patton into losing his temper and making statements which could be used
against him. The scheme worked. The press interpreted one of Patton’s answers to
their insistent questions as to why he was not pressing the Nazi-hunt hard
enough as: “The Nazi thing is just like a Democrat-Republican fight.” The New
York Times headlined this quote, and other papers all across America picked it

The unmistakable hatred which had been directed at him during this press
conference finally opened Patton’s eyes fully as to what was afoot. In his diary
that night lie wrote: “There is a very apparent Semitic influence in the press.
They are trying to do two things: first, implement communism, and second, see
that all businessmen of German ancestry and non-Jewish antecedents are thrown
out of their jobs. They have utterly lost the Anglo-Saxon conception of justice
and feel that a man can be kicked out because somebody else says he is a Nazi.
They were evidently quite shocked when I told them I would kick nobody out
without the successful proof of guilt before a court of law . . . Another point
which the press harped on was the fact that we were doing too much for the
Germans to the detriment of the DP’s, most of whom are Jews. I could not give
the answer to that one, because the answer is that, in my opinion and that of
most nonpolitical officers, it is vitally necessary for us to build Germany up
now as a buffer state against Russia. In fact, I am afraid we have waited too

And in a letter of the same date to his wife: “I will probably be in the
headlines before you get this, as the press is trying to quote me as being more
interested in restoring order in Germany than in catching Nazis. I can’t tell
them the truth that unless we restore Germany we will insure that communism
takes America.”

Eisenhower responded immediately to the press outcry against Patton and made the
decision to relieve him of his duties as military governor and “kick him
upstairs” as the commander of the Fifteenth Army. In a letter to his wife on
September 29, Patton indicated that he was, in a way, not unhappy with his new
assignment, because “I would like it much better than being a sort of
executioner to the best race in Europe.”

But even his change of duties did not shut Patton up. In his diary entry of
October 1 we find the observation: “In thinking over the situation, I could not
but be impressed with the belief that at the present moment the unblemished
record of the American Army for non-political activities is about to be lost.
Everyone seems to be more interested in the effects which his actions will have
on his political future than in carrying out the motto of the United States
Military Academy, ‘Duty, Honor, Country.’ I hope that after the current crop of
political aspirants has been gathered our former tradition will be restored.”

And Patton continued to express these sentiments to his friends — and those he
thought were his friends. On October 22 he wrote a long letter to Maj. Gen.
James G. Harbord, who was back in the States. In the letter Patton bitterly
condemned the Morgenthau policy; Eisenhower’s pusillanimous behavior in the face
of Jewish demands; the strong pro-Soviet bias in the press; and the
politicization, corruption, degradation, and demoralization of the U.S. Army
which these things were causing.

He saw the demoralization of the Army as a deliberate goal of America’s enemies:
“I have been just as furious as you at the compilation of lies which the
communist and Semitic elements of our government have leveled against me and
practically every other commander. In my opinion it is a deliberate attempt to
alienate the soldier vote from the commanders, because the communists know that
soldiers are not communistic, and they fear what eleven million votes (of
veterans) would do.”

His denunciation of the politicization of the Army was scathing: “All the
general officers in the higher brackets receive each morning from the War
Department a set of American (newspaper) headlines, and, with the sole exception
of myself, they guide themselves during the ensuing day by what they have read
in the papers. . . .”

In his letter to Harbord, Patton also revealed his own plans to fight those who
were destroying the morale and integrity of the Army and endangering America’s
future by not opposing the growing Soviet might: “It is my present thought . . .
that when I finish this job, which will be around the first of the year, I shall
resign, not retire, because if I retire I will still have a gag in my mouth . .
. I should not start a limited counterattack, which would be contrary to my
military theories, but should wait until I can start an all-out offensive . . .

Two months later, on December 23, 1945, General George S. Patton was silenced

Issue Number 53 of National Vanguard Tabloid in 1977.

Kosher Tax On You

If you look on the back of items in the store you will notice certian symbols that are kosher seals. This means the food is kosher and it means you are paying a hidden tax within the food to the jews who force this on us. Which amounts to you  personally paying hundreds extra in food costs a year. And thousands over the years to the jew.

This shows the power the jews really have when a tiny minority not even four percent of the population can force its costly kosher law on 100% of the population who are not jews and get away with it.

 It also shows how lying  the jew is, when they scream anti-semitism at anyone who points the obvious fact on this out. Even when your cupboards are full of the proof.

 People can pull the libtard hat trick of you have personal freedumb to not buy and thus stick up for the kikes who hate them as well and have the same shitty fate planned for them they do all us “Goyium” in the Jew World Order.  But the fact is you don’t have the freedom to chose as you are purposely kept ignorant by the jews on this fact and any person or site or material that would educate you are attacked and censored by the jews 24/7 even to the point of murder.


You need true knowledge to have the freedom to chose.


And when the majority of all items even paper rolls are kosher in the store not much freedom.

 The other hidden part of the kosher tax pointed out by a fellow named Scott Roberts on his education vids on the subject which are excellent:

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 The jews are told to only buy kosher in private as the jews who own the food companies know they are purposely putting toxic garbage into the foods for the Goyium[ means cattle, its the jews word for Gentiles] use. And not putting the same into the kosher brands for their fellow jews. Which means its purposeful poisoning of Gentiles. They treat us the same as the other cattle in their factory farming plants.


You can try this out and go to any store and compare the labels of the kosher to the non-kosher brands. I did and was suprised to find the difference.


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And since the jew has worked to quash all medical cures:


 That work and are not costly in the least so they can dominate this industry the Gentile is double doomed.

 What this amounts to is the deliberate  and systematic and slow mass murder of Gentiles by the jews. While making them pay with everything in the process for their own misery and destruction.


The Truth About “Jesus Christ”

The Truth About “Jesus Christ”

Many of you who visit this website know the facts regarding the Nazarene being a fictitious Jewish archetype for Gentiles to slavishly worship: – Above all the Nazarene is a diversion and distraction to keep humanity from true spirituality, from working on and advancing our own souls. The fictitious character of “Jesus” was invented from spiritual CONCEPTS originating in the Far East, such as spiritual alchemy, the kundalini energy, and what is known as the “vril” “chi” “life-force” and “witchpower.”

Truth be known, one saves one’s own soul through advancing spiritually, and activating this power. The Nazarene is a deterrent to this and keeps humanity from doing anything spiritually, and keeps humanity enslaved through living a totally material existence. Christians cannot argue, as they do not know true spirituality. They have not experienced it. How many Christian preachers/priests can diagram the human soul?

Once one’s eyes are opened and one is aware of the witchpower concept, one can clearly see how this character was invented. The fictitious character of the Nazarene:

-Has been used to remove all spiritual knowledge and replace it with Jewish archetypes, Jewish cities, towns, and other fictitious Jewish material crap. The Jesus saves” baloney [ad nauseum] and the “born again” phrases have been twisted and incorporated into this fictitious character. In other words, deluded ones have been deceived into believing this character will take care of everything spiritual as long as they conform to the agenda. This deters one from working on one’s own spirituality. There is nothing at all spiritual about the Nazarene, or the Jewish invented Christian program.

-The “Jesus” character has acted as the thought police for ultimate control. Wars have been fought repeatedly over beliefs and ideas. When the enemy controls what is in the mind of humanity, the enemy then controls humanity.

-Since the Nazarene is fictitious, he can be anything to anyone. He is whatever the current system claims and dictates. He changes with the times and conforms to any agenda, no different from the Judeo/Christian Bible which is has verses and contradictions to suit any argument or purpose. [See The Ubiquitous Nazarene: ]

It is time everyone wakes up to the spiritual corruption that has played humanity to the tune of trillions and trillions of dollars, damned souls, unnecessary wars, held back science [dangerously], and everything else the kosher parasites have taken their deluded Gentile followers for a ride with. The Christian program, along with the hideous doctrines of Islam have prevented and stopped humanity from evolving spiritually.

Each event in the fictitious life of the Nazarene reveals a CONCEPT, STOLEN AND CORRUPTED FROM PAGAN RELIGIONS PREDATING CHRISTIANITY.

The birth of the Nazarene is said to have been in a cave, not in a stable. “Early Christian tradition suggests that Jesus was born in a cave that was used as a stable.”2 Many doctrines predating Christianity, such as the religion of Taoism, state that the pineal gland is within a “cave.” There is an area within the brain where this very important spiritual center is located, which feels like a hollow and is the seat of this
very important gland, which is defunct in most people. A very important key to opening the soul and advancing spiritually is through activating the pineal gland.

There were the “Three Wise Men from the East” who “FOLLOWED THE STAR” to the birth place of the Nazarene. These “Wise Men” were mages [The Magi], otherwise known as practitioners of witchcraft, as this is what a mage is. Again, this is symbolic of a concept, stolen from Spiritual Alchemy. For those who are new to the occult and meditation, [true spirituality] you will have to do some further research and study [see Joy of Satan: ] but for those of us who meditate, we know of the condensed vril/witchpower which is circulated through the chakras, and appears as a star. This is the true meaning of “follow the star.”

Again, the number three, like the number seven [the seven chakras] crops up in the three mages and this is symbolic of the ida, the pingala, and the sushumna, the three main nadis of the soul, and also the three knots of the chakras. The concept of the number three has been prolific in Pagan religions that preceded Christianity by hundreds to thousands of years, and is symbolized by the “Devil’s Pitchfork” known
as a “Trishul” which originated in the Far East. The Trishul symbolizes the serpentine energy piercing through the three granthis. [See Satanic Symbols: ] The numbers three and seven are used extensively in the Judeo/Christian Bible where they have been blasphemed and corrupted.

The “virgin birth” is another corrupted concept in that the chakras have to be clean and unobstructed for spiritual energy to ascend and circulate. In other words, this is the true meaning of “pure.” The union with the fictitious deity symbolizes the divine spirituality involved in raising the witchpower, not fictitious YHVH: which is nothing more than Jewish magick to enslave Gentiles.

The supposed crucifixion of this imposter character was stolen from some 18 different Pagan Gods who hung from a tree. In the Christian bible, there is more than one verse that states the Nazarene was hung from a tree:

Acts 5:30 – The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree.
Acts 13:29 – And when they had fulfilled all that was written of him, they took him down from the tree, and laid him in a sepulcher.

The Norse God Odin preceded Jesus the Christ. Odin hung from a tree and experienced a death of sorts to obtain knowledge. Through being “reborn,” he obtained gnosis [advanced spiritual knowledge], as did the Egyptian God Set who was “crucified” on a “cross” known as a furka.1 This is also the meaning of the hanged man card in the Tarot. Buddha also sat beneath a “Bo Tree.” “Bo” is of “Boa” meaning “serpent” the kundalini. The tree is an ancient depiction of the human soul, with the trunk being symbolic of the spine and the branches symbolizing the 144,000 nadis with the leaves and fruits symbolizing the fruits of meditations; the life force and powers of the mind and soul. In addition, Krishna, Marsyas, Dodonian, and Zeus also hung from trees. “144,000″ is another Jewish/Christian Biblical corruption of an allegory having to do with one’s chi-force or “witchpower.”

Nearly everything in the Judeo/Christian Bible was stolen and corrupted from religions in the Far East. The supposed biblical creation in which they claim the fictitious “Garden of Eden” was in Mesopotamia, is to purposely misdirect and delude people away from looking to the Far East, as this is where civilization began and true spiritual teachings originated. Sadly, because of Christian infestation in these areas,
many of the doctrines have since been corrupted.

The Latin cross was not a part of Christianity until the 7th century and not fully acknowledged until the 9th century. In addition, the human soul is in the shape of a cross. This reveals how spiritual knowledge has been destroyed and replaced with nonsense. The cross also represents the all-important four quarters.

The eclipse said to have occurred during the supposed “crucifixion” of the Nazarene also symbolizes the nigredo stage in spiritual alchemy, of blackness. This stage is also symbolized by the black crow and the Black Sun.

The three crucifixions, with the Nazarene being in the middle [2 others in the legend were supposedly crucified with the Nazarene] is another allegory symbolizing the main heart chakra and the three knots, also known as “granthis” in Sanskrit. These knots are at the base, heart and sixth chakras and must be opened before the kundalini can ascend. The heart chakra is located in the middle and is the connector between the upper and lower chakras.

The Nazarene’s ascent into “Heaven” is another concept of the kundalini rising to the crown chakra. Heaven, Earth, and Hell are all concepts stolen from Taoism, which preceded Christianity and Judaism. Heaven is symbolic of the seventh chakra, also known as the “crown chakra.” The earth or “middle kingdom” is symbolic of the heart chakra and “Hell” symbolizes the base chakra, where the hot fiery serpent kundalini
lies dormant.

The “miracles” that the fictitious Nazarene performed are also an ALLEGORY and a CONCEPT of what the witchpower can do. The prophesies of the Nazarene are also ALLEGORIES of the psychic abilities that result from activating one’s own witchpower.

The 12 apostles are corruptions of the 12 signs of the zodiac and also symbolize the witch’s coven, along with the Nazarene, being the 13th member. Traditionally, there are 13 members to a coven. There are also 13 primary chakras within the human soul.

The Nazarene lived for a supposed 33 years. This again is another concept- the 33 vertebrae of the human spine where the kundalini serpent ascends, which is a major advancement for the witchpower.

In closing this article, my own research has shown me Christianity is not “2,000 years old” as they try to claim it is. From what I personally believe, Christianity arrived with The Inquisition:

Research points to the Vatican making a deal with extra-terrestrials known as “greys,” wealth and power in exchange for human souls. In order for this to succeed, all spiritual knowledge had to be destroyed.

The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects” by Barbara G. Walker, Page 54.


The Vatican Synagogue Of Rome

The Vatican Synagogue Of Rome

As wrote in the Jewish Origins Of Christianity:
The Jews where in control of the later Roman Empire in the same way they control
the world today via control of the central key centers of the Nations. The Jews
using this power, created Christianity and imposed it from above and below the
same they would do later on in Russia with Communism.
The Vatican was the Kremlin on the Tiber.
The last Pope John Paul the Second was a racial Jew, his mother was a Polish
Jewess by the name of Katz, making him by the law of the Jewish race a full
blooded Jew.
“The Pope’s mother was Emily Katz, whose Polish name is “Emilia Kaczorowska,”
which is usually Anglicized by American immigrants to the familiar sounding,
“Emily Katz.”\

He was not the first Jewish Pope in history either.

he first cardinal of acknowledged Jewish descent, Anacletus II, was elected as
pope in 1130 by a majority of the College of Cardinals. Anacletus II, whose
original name was Pietro (Peter) Pierleone, was the great-grandson of a Roman
Jew, Baruch Pierleone.-H.Geduld Cleveland Jewish News

The fake tales that church was at odd’s with the Jews is all nonsense many Popes
from their images are racial Jews, you can still line their pictures up beside
photographs of notorious racial Jews today and see they look like twins.
“the 1486 publication of the Malleus Maleficarum by the Dominican friars
Heinrich KRAMER[JEW] and James SPRENGER[JEW].”- Sir l.Gardner “Realm Of The Ring
This was the document and manifesto that 50 to 100 hundred thousand innocent
Gentiles many women where hideously torchered and murder by “Witch Finders” for
decades under.
And it was created, published and pushed by Jews.
Note these two kikes Kramer and Sprenger where members of the Dominican Friars.
When the Spanish government found that Jews within Spain had been working with
the Moors against them as a 5th column[like the Jews always do even in America
all the Communist spies and agents where kikes] they launched an investigation
into the Jews in Spain that the Vactican was screaming at them to stop[note the
Vatican on the otherhand ordered and encouraged the inquisition against Gentiles
wiping out millions] and many Jews where given sanctuary by the Vactican on
papal orders.
What the Spanish investigation much like the later FBI investigations into the
Communists in America found. All the high ranking Catholic Clergy in Spain where
racial JEWS! Guess why the Vatican where trying to halt the investigations.
And do you really think that this was just limted to Spain when even the Popes
where racial Jews, and as evidenced here the created of a hate manifesto wrote
by two racial Jews in the Catholic Clergy lead to a real HOLOCAUST of tens of
thousands of Gentiles most being murdered by being burnt to death.
It’s also a little known fact under the Catholic rule the Jews even got a free
Jewish Kingdom [Septimaniain] Europe.

The Vatican also had the original Pagan Monarchy killed off as much as possible
and replaced with criminal proxies loyal to them. The most famous case being the
murder of King Dagobert of the Merovingians by the Vatican. His crown was then
usurped by the Vatican and given to Pepin the Fat of Herstal of whom had been
one of Dagoberts trust mayors, it the killer was acting on direct orders from
Pepin himself. This set up a situation in Western Europe where the Aryan Royal
lines where one by one usurped by the enemy.
The original Pagan Royality rule was then passed into guess what tribes hands,
just as the Jews came to rule Russia as the Commissar’s and Party officals under
the banner of their Communist Ideology. After killing off the Gentile
“Machir[Jewess] (Theuderic) married a sister of Pepin called Alda. His son
Guillaume [i.e. William] d’Orange, is also famous in the French Chansons and was
nicknamed ‘Hook Nosed’. He was fluent in Arabic and Hebrew. The Heraldic device
on his shield was the same as that of the Eastern Exilarchs — the Lion of
Judah. Guillaume observed the Sabbath and Sukkot during his campaigns.”
“Machir’s sister known as Bertha Bigfoot married the son of Charles Martel,
Pepin, and became the mother of Charlemagne. Bertha (also called Bertrada) gave
birth to Charlemagne in 742. Bertha’s mother was said to be called ‘White
Flower’ (Blanche Fleur) or Lilly-which is the origin of the name of the House of
Lily for the French Kings. Lily is also a title acquainted with the Davidic
House and the future Messiah as the ‘Lilly of the Valley’. Charlemagne was
referred to as “David” by his followers. When Charlemagne became King in 768 on
the death of his father King Pepin-I, he proclaimed Machir the Western Exilarch,
King of Septimania. Machir was his maternal uncle [the brother of his mother].
The families of Machir, Gershom and Bertha were to replace the old Merovingian
Dynasty-and they took to themselves the Merovingian names and titles. As a
result the genealogies became confused and later generations obscured the fact
of this powerful Jewish Dynasty in Europe. Later genealogists hid the origin of
the mother of Charlemagne with a false genealogy linking her to the
Merovingians. They did the same for all the Exilarch family. You must remember
that The Carolingians were replacing the Merovingians and they had a need for
legitimatizing themselves by appearing to be a continuation of the Merovingian
line. Fortunately in many cases they have only thinly disguised the genealogies
so that it is possible to reconstruct them.”-Athol Bloomer

Charlemagne was the leader who on Papal backing launched massive Crusades into
the Pagan heartland of the Saxons, his wars against Gentiles where funded by
wealthy Jewish merchants within the realm.
Of his decades long physical and cultural genocide:
“In 768, Charlemagne started a 32 year long campaign of what can only be
described as genocidal evangelism against the Saxons under his control in
western Germany.
The campaign started with the cutting down of the Saxon’s most sacred tree,
their version of the World Tree or Yggdrasil, (the symbol of the start of the
earth and the source of all life in the ancient Indo-European religions) located
in a sacred Saxon forest near present day Marburg.
Charlemagne quickly turned to violence as a means of spreading the Christian
word. In 772, at Quierzy, he issued a proclamation that he would kill every
Saxon who refused to accept Jesus Christ, and from that time on he kept a
special detachment of Christian priests who doubled as executioners, and in
every Saxon village in which they stopped, these priests would execute anybody
who refused to be baptized.
Then in 782, at Verden, Charlemagne carried out the act for which he is most
notoriously associated – he ordered the beheading of 4,500 Saxons in one day who
had made the error of being caught practicing paganism after they had agreed to
be Christians.
Charlemagne’s constant companion and biographer, the monk Einhard, vividly
captured the event in his biography of the Frankish king. In it is written that
the King rounded up 4,500 Saxons who “like dogs that return to their vomit” had
returned to the pagan religions they had been forced to give up upon pain of
After having all 4,500 Saxons beheaded “the king went into winter camp, and
there celebrated mass as usual.”
Twelve years later, in 794, Charlemagne introduced a law under which every third
Saxon living in any pagan area was kidnapped and forced to resettle and be
raised amongst Christian Franks.

The Christian missionary, St. Boniface, felling the sacred great oak tree of
Geismar, Hesse, in 724 AD. The oak tree was sacred to the god Thor, and was one
of many pagan sites which the Christians destroyed in their ultimately
successful attempts to destroy all other religions except Christianity. Despite
this, many pagan customs remained, such as the celebration of Spring. The
Christians took the pagan goddess of fertility, Ostara, and turned her into the
Christian rite of Easter (“Ostara” = “Easter”) and the Winter solstice, which
marked the longest night of Winter, and turned it into Christmas.

With the use of violent and bloody coercion, Saxon and German paganism was quite
literally killed off, and most of the survivors became Christians more out of
fear than out of genuine conviction.”- Kemp, March Of The Titans

The Vatican also passed stict laws that allowed Jews to become money lenders
while denying Gentiles from the same. Allowing for a direct situation for their
fellow Jews to corner the wealth in Europe and become the rich banker houses.
The Jesuits where also a Jewish created and Papal/Vatican backed order the
original Mossad:
“The Jesuits (Society of Jesus) are the spies and the assassination squad of the
Catholic Church. People who believe this institution to be “religious” or
“spiritual” are sadly deluded. It is and always has been political in every
respect. It is a political front that operates to control people using many
fictitious religious characters and ceremonies stolen from religions predating
it from around the world. The separation of church and state mean nothing to the
Catholic Church, that works relentlessly and ruthlessly for world domination by
any means possible. This institution has been built on mass murder, torture,
extortion, organized crime, lies and depriving humanity of true spirituality. It
has controlled kings, queens, nobility, presidents, governments, and nearly
anyone in power.”-HP Maxine
“Men of Jewish lineage rendered the Society famous by their doctrine, sanctity,
and erudition.” -García Girón de Alarcón
“We Jesuits take pleasure in admitting those of Jewish ancestry.”
-Jerónimo Nadal Morey

In General Ludendorfs book “Das Geheimnis Der Jesuitenmacht Und Ihr Ende” he
agreed that the Jesuits are controlled by Jews.

“The first Jesuits were crypto Jews. Ignatius Loyola himself was a crypto Jew of
the Occult Cabala. A crypto Jew is a Jew who converts to another religion and
outwardly embraces the new religion, while secretly maintaining Jewish
practices. As John Torell explains: “In 1491 San Ignacio de Loyola was born in
the Basque province of Guipuzcoa, Spain. His parents were Marranos and at the
time of his birth the family was very wealthy. As a young man he became a member
of the Jewish Illuminati order in Spain. As a cover for his crypto Jewish
activities, he became very active as a Roman Catholic. On May 20, 1521 Ignatius
(as he was now called) was wounded in a battle, and became a semi cripple.
Unable to succeed in the military and political arena, he started a quest for
holiness and eventually ended up in Paris where he studied for the priesthood.
In 1539 he had moved to Rome where he founded the “JESUIT ORDER,” which was to
become the most vile, bloody and persecuting order in the Roman Catholic Church.
In 1540, the current Pope Paul III approved the order. At Loyola’s death in 1556
there were more than 1000 members in the Jesuit order, located in a number of
Ignatius of Loyola’s secretary, Polanco, was of Jewish descent and was the only
person present at Loyola’s deathbed. James Lainez, who succeeded Loyola as the
second Jesuit General, was also of Jewish descent. Jews were attracted to the
Jesuit order and joined in large numbers. Lacunza was no exception. He was a
Jew, which explains why he introduced the eschatological teaching of a return to
the Jewish animal sacrifices during the Millennium. (In a book titled The Coming
of the Messiah in Glory and Majesty published in 1812, 11 years after the death
of its author, Jesuit
Emanuel de Lacunza who, wrote under the fictitious pen name of a purportedly
converted Jew, Rabbi Juan Josaphat Ben Ezra, in order to conceal his identity
and to make his writings more palatable to the Protestant readers. He promoted
the writings of sixteenth century Jesuit priest Francisco Ribera, developing a
futuristic perspective which restricted the prophetic fulfillments in the book
of Revelation to the end of the world). Lacunza also wrote that during a
millennium after the tribulation the Jewish animal sacrifices would be
reinstated along with the Eucharist (the mass) of the Catholic Church. Lacunza
has followed after Jewish fables and replaced the commandments of God with the
commandments of men. That doctrine gives the Jews primacy in God’s plan and
relegates Christians to a prophetic parenthetical to be supplanted by the Jews
during the thousand year earthly reign of Christ. ”

Who controls the Vatican Bank:
“It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor
to the Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are the guardians
of the papal treasure.”-The Jewish Encyclopedia (Vol. 2, p. 497)
The Jewish Rothschilds do.
Just as the Kremlin under the Red Banner was the synagogue of Moscow, so is the
Vatican the synagogue of Rome.

March Of The Titans, Arthur Kemp
Realm Of The Ring Lords, Sir l.Gardner


Origin and Truth Of The Grail Mythos

Origin and Truth Of The Grail Mythos
Lucifer has several sigils. All have to do with reaching the godhead. His symbol
at left represents the True GRAIL. This is the cup that holds the elixer of
life. The Catholic Church STOLE this concept and corrupted it. The Grail is part
of the Magnum Opus, the potential of which we have within ourselves. It is not a
material object, it is a concept. The “blood of the chakras” is the energy they
leak when stimulated. The Grail is depicted as “Royal Blood.” this is the
‘blood’ of the chakras.
Melek Taus[Satan], as important base to the Templar’s “Holy Grail Mysteries, as
the story of Melek Taus is the basis for the legend of the Fisher King within
the Holy Grail Mysteries. Who is portrayed as living in his Grail Castle [which
is built in the symbol of the 8 pointed star of the perfected soul]while wearing
a hat made of peacock feathers[Peacock is the animal sacred to Satan and another
of His titles is the Peacock King]. The Templar ` practice of wearing a sacred
cord under their clothing may have also been influenced by Melek Taus, whom the
Yezidhi remained eternally allied with through the symbolic red and black wool
cord they wore around their necks.

Another Middle Eastern sect that has a profound influence on the Knights Templar
and their Holy Grail Mysteries is the Mandeans, a sect residing mainly in
southern Iraq but who in the past colonized regions all over the Middle East.
Like the Yezidhi the Mandeans also have tradition honoring Melek Taus , whom
they refer of as Malka Tausa who was present at the birthplace of the Mandean
culture, the island paradise of Sri Lanka, the Garden of Edin of the Arab world,
wherein he was known not only as the Peacock King, but also as Murrugan or
Sanat Kumara. The Mandeans like the Yezidhi also associating Melek Taus with
Lucifer. And by their history state Melek Taus[Satan] came down from Sri Lanka’s
highest mountain and then taught the Mandeans their spiritual knowledge and
wisdom. In Sri Lanka of of the ancient holy sites for Him is Mylapur the place
of the Peacock.

The Fisher King Legends maintain that the Fisher King Sanat Kumara[another
name alias of Satan] was the fountainhead from which many legends of the Fisher
Kings started. Sanat Kumara is the Lord of Shambhala which is also shown as city
in the shape of the eight pointed star[identical to the Grail Castle in the
Western Tradition] of the perfected soul, the name “Shambhala” means “realm of
bliss” and evolves the Godhead obtainment which is the symbol of the Grail, and
this Grail symbol in the West is Lucifer Sigil of the Gold in the work.
Shambhala is made mention in the Yezidhi “Black book” by Melek Taus[Satan]

The Green Man[alias of Satan as the Kundalini energy and Opus] was
synonymous with their patron knight St.George, the old Pagan rites still among
the population celebrated the Green Man as their own “Green George.” According
to The Golden Legend sourcebook of medieval English legends, the British
pagans derived the name George from Geo, meaning “Earth,”[Satan holds the Title
of Lord of the Earth in the Pagan world] the upper classes of Britain also
celebrated Green George, for him was St. George, the righteous warrior who was
dedicated to perpetually protecting the kingdom of Great Britain. This tale of
the Green Man plays out in the Grail Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

On the Blood lines
There where in Europe and the Arya world, ancient Blood Line families the
original Aristocratic lines of the Pagan World who where the base of the famed
Priestarchy of the Serpents of Europe the Royal families of the Pagan World
where practitioners and holders of the spiritual knowledge as the Lay of Rig
and Eastern writings illustrates this as well the Saxons who name means “Sacca”
The Wise Ones[In meaning of Gnosis from Kundalini energy], not Men of the
Spears. The Church via their proxy Charles launched a Crusade against the Saxons
that lasted decades. The Saxon Royals where also the Priests of the Tribe. As in
the ancient Pagan world the King was the High Priest of the Nation.

Evola wrote of how the original Brahmins where of the Kshatriya[warrior
nobility] who rose to great status as they where the most spiritually powerful
of the Nobility and wielders of the Pranic force called Brahma[they possed the
most powerful Siddhi in other terms]. It is stated in the Tantra Siva and
Shatki’s union makes Brahma meaning a being with an ascended Kundalini is a
Brahma, it seems among themselves this pratice was called Brahmayana “The
straight path to God” in the sense of the Serpent energy ascending fully up the
spine into the crown. This is also the original meaning of Raja or Royal Yoga
the Royal Path of the Kundalini is the path up the spine. The eight fold path in
this practice was corrupted into a system that does not lead to Enlightenment.

Out of these beings formed the Priestarchy think of it as the most advanced wing
of the Nobility. As in the original world of our ancestors one had to have an
ascended Serpent to be in the rulership class.

Much has been wrote on the Holy Grail Blood lines and the magic Power of the
blood in reality they deal with the powerful Aryan Monarchs or Priest Kings who
maintained the power of the Grail “Serpent energy” as the “blood” is the energy
of the Kundalini and also the DNA Helix carries the level of enlightenment or
Serpentine Power which is passed down generation after generation, this also
means the Grail Blood Line is the literal living blood line of Satan and the
Demons as each White person is of direct descent from a living Nordic Demon or
God and we are of Satan’s blood line. These blood lines upon study go back to
the East, the homeland of the Aryan Race. Many of the beings mentioned in the
later Grail Legends are actual humanized Gods and Goddesses.

Kundalini and the DNA are connected as the main Serpentary network is the marco
of the DNA helix, the DNA. On the spiritual or quantum level is a vibrational
information code that as higher amount of vibration floods the body the
vibration changes thus the code changes morphing the individual to a higher
level of transformation. DNA is an vibrational information code when a higher
current goes thought you, the DNA literally morphs as the infomation code
changes to correspond to the new vibration. This is the origin of bio-morphic
field it’s the light body part of the infomation field that is connected into
the DNA and extended from it and the ancients called it the Ren. When you look
at DNA on the quantum level it’s vibration and light energy.

Such energy and abilities being passed down via the blood is why the Catholic
Church would wipe the whole family of the one tried for Witchcraft out, to
remove the power transmitted in the blood line [blood is from an ancient
Germanic term meaning “Sacred”] and can be still viewed today as many people
born with spiritual abilities had close family members usually a Parent with
A famous Serpent ruling family was the Merovingians who where wiped out by the
Vatican and replaced with a Papal backed psychopath and proxy:

“The Mevrovingians also apparently revealed their affiliation to Lucifer…the
name of one of their capital cities, Satanicum the “Place of Satan.” The
Mevrovingian link to Lucifer was also implicit in a curious royal birthmark in
the shape of a red cross, the ancient Mark of Cain, which a Merovingian would
proudly display over his heart.

Merovee which means “Born from the Sea”. Has also been written as Merovach
meaning “Born from a Bull” as well Merovie, meaning Sea of Life or Water of
Life. The name Merovee thus designates first Fisher King of the Merovingian line
to be the vessel of the Water of Life.”

The references to water are allegory for the “Waters of Life” of the Kundalini
Power. One of the Merovingian castles has the Black Sun upon the floor just as
Himmler SS Castle would have later on. Another blood line famous in Europe from
the ancient world was the Danaans.

It is my belief the Cathars and Templars where formed out of these aristocratic
lines, the Cathars openly held Lucifer to be Lord of the Grail and worshipped
him. The Church destoryed the Cathars in a 30 year crusade that killed half a
million and more innocent human beings.

The Coming Gnostic Civilization, Pinkham Mark.
Realm of the Ring Lords, Gardner, Laurence.
Guardians of the Holy Grail, Pinkham Mark.



As many of you are aware, “Satan” translates as TRUTH in Sanskrit, the original
language of humanity.

The Sanskrit root word “Sat”, also sometimes “Satya” means Truth. “An” is also a
shortening of “Ananta” which means Eternal/Infinite/Never ending, etc. The name
“Satan” as a whole can also therefore be translated as “Truth Eternal” or “The
Infinite and Never Ending Truth”. Our God Satan IS the Eternal, Infinite and
Never Ending Truth!

The enemy kikes stole this, incorporating it into their filthy forged “language”
they call hebrew, changing the meaning of this Sacred Name to “adversary”. What
they are blatantly saying is that the Eternal and Never Ending Truth, Satan, is
their adversary. Truth is their worst enemy, as they are nothing but lies.

As well as this, Satan is also a name and word of great Spiritual Power and
Enlightenment. As High Priestess Maxine Dietrich says on the Joy of Satan site,
“Satanama”, also a longer version of Satan, is an extremely Powerful Sanskrit
Mantra which has been used for thousands of years to reach a state of Spiritual

“Satan” can also be found in many other Powerful Sanskrit words. Here are a few
-The “Four Kumaras” or great Spiritual Powers were called Sanaka, Sanatana,
Sanandana and Sanatkumara. The Four Kumaras were called the “Sons of Brahma”.
Brahma here appears to be a name for the infinite Energy and Power called
“Ether” from which all was created, and the “Four Kumaras” seem to represent the
Four All Powerful Elements, Ether being the Fifth and the originator of the
others. The Elements are vital to all existence and form the Soul. Satan gave us
our Soul, and Satan is a Master over the Elements.
-The Sanskrit word Sanaatan or Sanataana which means eternal, fixed, perpetual,
ever present, the fixed creation and also Ancient and everlasting.
-The term “Sanatan Dharma” which means “The Eternal Law” or “Eternal teaching of
Truth” which was the original name given to the religion followed by the people
of the Indu’s Valley.
-Santa which in Sanskrit means peaceful, calm and stilled, i.e. the state of
Meditation where the mind is cleared and focused on one point. It can also mean
“complete” and also “equilibrium”.
-SatNam which means “the True Name”.
-Satsang which means “the wise”.

The Sanskrit word for “lineage”, “race” or “descending from” is also SaMtaana,
and this was used as a term for Gentile People in Sanskrit. It’s interesting
that the word for Race or Lineage contains the name Satan within it, as this is
yet more proof of the Gentile People being descended from Satan and so deeply
connected to our True God Satan. SaMtaana also means “continuous flow”,
“connection to”, “family” and “children”.

The name “Satan” has always been associated with great Power and Importance.

All of this proves even further that it is Satan/Enki that is Truth, Power and
Knowledge. Satan is the True God of the Gentile People!

Hail Beelzebub!!
Hail Astaroth!!
Hail Azazel!!
Hail Lilith!!
Hail All the Mighty Gods of Hell!!

Heil Hitler and the True Heroes!!

-High Priestess Zildar Raasi

Joy of Satan Ministries


Enemy Agenda

Enemy Agenda

The truth on the enemy religions both East and West is they not “religions”
there actually is no spirituality in them, in truth they are nothing more then
Political Ideologies with a tinsel of pseudo spiritual metaphysics. The
Priesthoods are the Party Officials who enforce and maintain the ruling ideology
over society. No different then in any Soviet ruled Nation of the current or
previous century the Party and the Ideology of the Party rules.

-The Sudra’s duty and supreme good is nothing but obedience to famous Brahmin
householders who know the Veda. If he is unpolluted, obedient to his superiors,
gentle in his speech, without a sense of ‘I’, and always dependent on the
Brahmins and the other (twice-born castes), he attains a superior birth (in the
next life).” — Manusmrti 9:334-335. –

Here is the essence of all enemy systems point of convergence the corruption of
the true spiritual language by changing the concepts behind the meanings till
it’s nothing more then a ritualized slave morality, that is designed to
domesticate humanity with each generation into a cattle like state. The dairy
cow of today was once the famed mighty Aurochs of old.

Understand the crucial fact Genetics are actually Metagenics.

How the enemy domestication program works is simple the brain is interconnected
with the chakra centers which are the macrocosm of the genetic or DNA
information code in the body. By programming the mind via ideological software
download this reformats the neural pathways in the brain[hard drive] with
correspond to the programming command[vibration frequency] or filters, this
interfaces into the charka centers that send this program code into the overall
energy body and imprints it into the genetic information code via epigenetic
thus switching the overall psyche into the program frequency this plugs into
mass mind and then becomes a locked in program due to the collect psychic power
of the mass mind. Part of this enemy paradigm is the removal of spiritual
knowledge and the removal of advanced humans out of society by murdering them
and their blood lines. The killing of them cuts the head of the original system
off and head of the new system rules, Communism is the open practice of this and
it culls out the most advanced genetics.

I also believe in places like the East where all spiritual knowledge could not
be totally removed celibacy was brought among other reasons, to ensure such
advanced genes where not passed on, in essence doing the same.

Over generations this physiological effect takes greater hold with the lack of
spiritual practices now replaced by ritualism designed to enforce and strengthen
the domestication program code, the generations born carry the genetic
information code that forms them into existence to the point they are born in
the image of the centuries of genetic transmutation has caused. And you have the
perfect Goyium or cattle in a Global two legged factory farm. This is how
domestication works on the metagenic level.

Nietzsche understood this and termed it the “Slave Morality” which process and
final aim was the Under man the human cattle, interesting enough in the East
such beings are called Pashu[animalistic being] the ancient spiritual masters
acknowledge in that term the degeneration effects of lack of spiritual practice

The other side is this a daily practice of Yoga undoes the programming codes it
cleans out all the imprints with blasts of higher vibrational flow and reformats
the psyche to how it should be naturally on the higher level of vibration, the
enemy programming is low density frequency waved it can not last in the psyche
after the practice has advanced with some time, it also strengthens the
bio-electrical field to where it blocks[ shields] one from the mass mind part of
the enemy program, it’s no different then radio wave on lower dial has no effect
on a higher wave station.

This sends a higher vibration into the DNA which is literally a vibrational
information code that interacts with and forms the whole being. Change the
vibration change the code, change the code change the form because the form is
vibration. So you end up with an advancing human again, metagenics.

The essence of what Nietzsche calls the master Morality is having a life style
and culture based on such a evolutionary practice that creates the Godman[
Superhuman] Ubermensch, by a literal transmutation of genetic code. As advancing
humans have children and those children grow up doing the same path and on you
understand where this leads.

Satan’s Enlightenment process works on the metagenic level, and on sending a
higher wave of light energy thought the entire being reforming them to a higher
level, till in time they are perfected to the microcosmic frequency or octave of
the Sun Star. The Gold in the work.






The major case for Atlantis being in the West is made in Plato’s works the
Timaeus and Critias and these accounts are based upon the Egyptians record. But
that is not what the Egyptian record documents on the subject. The Egyptian
record documents the opposite the Egyptians origins are in the East the ‘Land of
the Gods,’ Pa-Nuter. Which is modern India of which the it has been shown to
share an identical culture:

Peter Von Bohlen (1796-1840) German Indologist, compared India with ancient
Egypt. He thought there was a cultural connection between the two in ancient

(source: German Indologists: Biographies of Scholars in Indian Studies writing
in German – By Valentine Stache-Rosen. p.15-16).

In his book, Empire of the Soul: Some Journeys in India, Paul William Roberts,

” Recent research and scholarship make it increasingly possible to believe that
the Vedic era was the lost civilization whose legacy the Egyptians and the
Indians inherited. There must have been one. There are too many similarities
between hieroglyphic texts and Vedic ones, these in turn echoed in somewhat
diluted form and a confused fashion by the authors of Babylonian texts and the
Old Testament.”

(source: Empire of the Soul: Some Journeys in India – By Paul William Roberts p.

It is believed that the Dravidians from India went to Egypt and laid the
foundation of its civilization there. the Egyptians themselves had the tradition
that they originally came from the South, from a land called Punt, which an
historian of the West, Dr. H.R. Hall, thought referred to some part of India.

The Indus Valley civilization is, according to Sir John Marshall who was in
charge of the excavations, the oldest of all civilizations unearthed (c. 4000
B.C.) It is older than the Sumerian and it is believed by many that the latter
was a branch of the former.

(source: The Bhagvad Gita: A Scripture for the Future – Translation and
Commentary by Sachindra K. Majumdar p. 28).

Adolf Erman (1854-1937) author of Life in ancient Egypt and A handbook of
Egyptian religion, says that the persons who were responsible for a highly
developed Egyptian civilization were from Punt, an Asiatic country, a
description of which is unveiled by this scholar from the old legends – a
distant country washed by the great seas, full of valleys, incense, balsum,
precious metals and stones; rich in animals, cheetahs, panthers, dog-headed apes
and long tailed monkeys, winged creatures with strange feathers to fly up to the
boughs of wonderful trees, especially the incense tree and the coconut trees.

Dr. Erman further says that analyzing the Egyptian legends makes it clear that
from Punt the heavenly beings headed by Amen, Horus and Hather, passed into the
Nile valley…To this same country belongs that idol of Bes, the ancient figure
of the deity in the Land of Punt.

Max Muller had also observed that the mythology of Egyptians (and also that of
the Greeks and Assyrians) is wholly founded on Vedic traditions. Eusebius, a
Greek writer, has also recorded that the early Ethiopians emigrated from the
river Indus and first settled in the vicinity of Egypt.

In an essay entitled On Egypt from the Ancient Book of the Hindus (Asiatic
Researchers Vol. III, 1792), British Lt. Colonel Wilford gave abundant evidence
proving that ancient Indians colonized and settled in Egypt. The British
explorer John Hanning Speke, who in 1862 discovered the source of the Nile in
Lake Victoria, acknowledged that the Egyptians themselves didn’t have the
slightest knowledge of where the Nile’s source was. However, Lt. Colonel
Wilford’s description of the Hindus’ intimate acquaintance with ancient Egypt
led Speke to Ripon Falls, at the edge of Lake Victoria.

Louis Jacolliot (1837-1890), who worked in French India as a government official
and was at one time President of the Court in Chandranagar, translated numerous
Vedic hymns, the Manusmriti, and the Tamil work, Kural. This French savant and
author of La Bible Dans L’Inde says:

“With such congruence before us, no one, I imagine, will appear to contest the
purely Hindu origin of Egypt, unless to suggest that: “And who tells you that it
was not Indian that copied Egypt? Any of you require that this affirmation shall
be refuted by proofs leaving no room for even a shadow of doubt?

“To be quite logical, then deprive India of the Sanskrit, that language which
formed all other; but show me in India a leaf of papyrus, a columnar
inscription, a temple bas relief tending to prove Egyptian birth.”

(source: Hinduism in the Space Age – by E. Vedavyas p.117).

Heinrich Karl Brugsch agrees with this view and writes in his History of Egypt

“We have a right to more than suspect that India, eight thousand years ago, sent
a colony of emigrants who carried their arts and high civilization into what is
now known as Egypt.” The Egyptians came, according to their records, from a
mysterious land (now known to lie on the shores of the Indian Ocean).”

The record of Egyptian origin from the Egyptians actual records:

Col. Henry Steel Olcott, a former president of the Theosophical Society, who
explained in a March, 1881 edition of The Theosophist (page 123) that:
“We have a right to more than suspect that India, eight thousand years ago, sent
a colony of emigrants who carried their arts and high civilization into what is
now known to us as Egypt…This is what Bengsch Bey, the modern, as well as the
most trusted Egyptologer and antiquarian says on the origin of the old
Egyptians. Regarding these as a branch of the Caucasian [Aryan] family having a
close affinity with the Indo-Germanic races, he insists that they ‘migrated from
India before historic memory, and crossed that bridge of nations, the Isthus of
Suez, to find a new fatherland on the banks of the Nile.” The Egyptians came,
according to their own records, from a mysterious land…on the shore of the
Indian Ocean, the sacred Punt; the original home of their gods…who followed
thence after their people who had abandoned them to the valley of the Nile, led
by Amon, Hor and Hathor. This region was the Egyptian ‘Land of the Gods,’
Pa-Nuter, in old Egyptian, or Holyland, and now proved beyond any doubt to have
been quite a different place from the Holyland of Sinai. By the pictorial
hieroglyphic inscription found on the walls of the temple of the Queen Haslitop
at Der-el-babri, we see that this Punt can be no other than India. For many ages
the Egyptians traded with their old homes, and the reference here made by them
to the names of the Princes of Punt and its fauna and flora, especially the
nomenclature of various precious woods to be found but in India, leave us
scarcely room for the smallest doubt that the old civilization of Egypt is the
direct outcome of that the older India.”
(source: Theosophist for March 1881 p. 123).

A very revealing statement was made to the fact the early Christian Church
edited the writings of the ancient Greek philosophers:

As Christian monotheism took hold of Western civilization basic paradigm, it
carried foth and incorporated ancient Greek science into its mix of world
knowledge. Thomas Aquinas and Albertus Magnus MODIFIED and adapted Grecian
scientific philosophy to accommodate and support the tenets of Christian
scripture. In this supportive capacity, sicne obediently took its place as the
Church’s handmaiden.-Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., and Steve Bhaerman, `Spontaneous

This is the cause for misdirection in Plato’s mention of Atlantis, after all the
Christian program went out of it’s way to destroy any historical records burning
numerous libraries such at Alexandria and aboard even using mass murder in it’s
terror program it has been shown in other texts they did not burn they altered
such as the Eddas. It’s clear they wanted to wipe out the original histories to
create a false history to build their lies upon. The original record show the
origin of the Aryan Race in the East the one place they don’t want Gentiles
looking. By making it in the wrong direction it discredits any idea of an
homeland outside of the biblical false claims. As after years of combing the
West nothing of any substance has been found of Atlantis and it remains a
seeming myth in the eyes of many, hence not real. They know they might not able
to get every ancient account so they just injected their lie into place to take
care of that fact. The lie is designed to discredit the truth.

The American Record:

Viracochas [White Gods] who settled in the America’s stated they came from
another continent:

Augustus Le Plongeon (1825-1908), after his investigations, which supposedly
showed that the Maya of Yucatan were older than the later civilizations of
Greece and Egypt, and additionally told the story of an even older continent

-Professor Raman Mena, curator of the National Museum of Mexico, said that the
general appearance of Maya’s writing is considered of oriental origin. According
to scholar Orozco V. Berra, Maya and other languages are of Sanskrit origin.-

Other connections from Britain and aboard:

“The Pheryllt were Druids of the Cymry people who arrived in the British Isles
from “Defrobani” which is a Welsh of Taprobana, a name for Sri Lanka. It is said
that the Cymry where guided from Sri Lanka to the British Isles by the Welsh
cultural hero, Hu Gadran, and proof of their Westward journey is the Welsh
language, which is full of Sanskrit root words. Hu Gadran founded what many
believe to have been the incipient sect of Druids, the Pheryllt, a term meaning
“Alchemists.” The term Britain itself comes out of the ancient Sanskrit word
Bharat, the ancient Aryan name for the area today known as the Indian
subcontinent. “The Druidical religion prevailed not only in Britain, but
likewise across the East.”
-E. Keneanly, the Book of God

“The Yezidis, who now reside in Northern Iraq, before coming to Iraq they had
resided in India” The Yezidi God is Melek Ta’us whose symbol like Murrugan in
Sri Lanka is the Peacock and the Serpent. Within the Yezidi writings Melek Ta’us
makes mention of Shambhala the sacred place of the East and to the Lotus another
Eastern spiritual theme. The Peacock the sacred symbol to the Yezidi, Mandean
and Hindu alike, is native only to the Far East not the Middle East or Europe
and nowhere else on the planet. The Peacock was a sacred bird in Europe to the
Goddess Hera and the God Dionysus (of whom the serpent is also sacred). “Like
the Yezidi the Mandeans also have a tradition regarding Melek Ta’us, whom they
refer to in their texts as Malka Ta’us….Melek Ta’us was present at the birth
place of the Mandean culture, the island paradise of Sri Lanka…where he was
known not only as the Peacock Angel, but also as Murrugan. According to Mandean
legend Melek Ta’us came down from Sri Lanka’s highest mountain and taught the
Mandeans’ their spiritual wisdom.

The Mandeans have also stated the Sumerians (of who they view themselves being a
remnant of, like the Yezidi) came from Sri Lanka area. The Mandeans state the
Garden of Edin (abode of the Gods) was in Sri Lanka as do many other tribes in
the Near East today.

“Kumarai Nadu that once stretched across the Pacific Ocean, most of this
primeval continent sank to the bottom of the ocean except for those parts of it
that became islands, such as Sri Lanka, the paradise currently recognized by
much of the Arab world as not part of the primal Garden, but the Garden of Edin
(Edin means abode of the Gods in English). Melek Ta’us is worshipped by the Sri
Lankans as Murrugan and center in English means “Place of the Peacock.

Melek Ta’us as the Yezidi texts stated in the ancient tradition is Satan. The
Peacock as well as the Serpent is one of His ancient symbols. Satan in the East
is also Sanat[an anagram for Satan] Kumara, the Lord of Shambhala. And is as
noted still worshipped on Sri Lanka as well under different alias.

The Vedic Record

Aryan Invasion theory has been debunked as a fraud the origin the very fact the
Indus Valley sites of the Harappa and Mohenjodaro have been proven to have been
Vedic Aryan civilizations dating back before the time of the claimed invasion
of. With the find of the Saraswati river bed the date of the Veda’s has been
rolled back to 8000 bc. The mighty Saraswati river is referred to in the Rig
Veda more then fifty times which provides the Aryans had already been there
prior to the drying up of the Saraswati. This river stopped flowing six thousand
years. It also describes this river in full flow which was around 8000 years
ago. The Aryans where always there.

And the remains of the few dozen skeletons found at Mohenjodaro have been found
to be from different periods of time long after the area had been abandoned and
show no evidence of death from fatal wounds. Debunking the main claim of Sir
M.Wheeler as to valid proof on an invasion.

The story of Manu who is described as a Rishi is the first ark builder in
history, the tale comes from the Vedic literature, from the Mahabaratha::

Manu is warned: `Great Lord, thou hast to every way preserved me: now hear from
me what thou must do when the time arrives. Soon shall all these terrestrial
objects….be dissolved. The time for the purification of the worlds has now
arrived. I therefore inform thee what is for thy greatest good. The period
dreadful for the universe has come. Make for thyself a strong ship, with a
cabled attached; embark in it with the Seven Sages and stow in it, carefully
preserved and assorted, all the seeds which have been described of old….

Manu as enjoined, taking with him the seeds, floated on the billowy ocean in
beautiful ship … Tossed by the tempests the ship whirled like a reeling and
intoxicated woman. Neither the earth, nor the quarters of the world appeared;
there was nothing but water , air an sky. In the world thus confounded, the
Seven Sages, Manu and the fish were beheld. So, for very many years, the fish
unwearied drew the ship over the water; and brought it at length to the highest
peak of Himavat[Himalayas]. He then smiling gently, said to the Sages, Bind this
ship without delay to this peak., They did so accordingly. And the highest peak
of Himavat is still known by the name of Naubandhana `the Binding of the Ship.’

After this Manu `began to visibly to create all living beings.’

Manu was believed to have been, in antediluvian times, a king of the people of
South India.

When the sites in the Indus Valley where examined they where shown to have no
evolutionary development meaning they had been built by a culture that had
already developed somewhere else and transplanted their civilization there. The
tale of Manu shines a lot on the evidence the Arya came from another homeland
that was destroyed in a great flood and the survivors emigrated to Northern
India and the Himalaya regions after and rebuilt. The archeology evidence also
supports this cultural record.

An example:

`Kashmir – was the abode of Rishi Kashyap. It is often described as “Nandanvan”
the pleasure garden or paradise of Bharat. According to tradition recorded in a
number of Sanskrit texts and chronicles of Kashmir this valley was once a vast
lake. It was converted into an alluvial plain when Kashyap, a great “Rishi,”
made an opening into the surrounding mountains near Baramula. As a result the
water of the lake was drained out and the submerged land became a habitable
valley. It then came to be known as “Kashyap Marga” the abode of Kashyap from
which the name Kashmir is derived. Geomorphological evidence has confirmed that
the valley was originally a vast lake. History of Kashmir began with the
settlement of the Indo-Aryan people in it in pre-Mahabharata days[my note ten
thousand years or before]. It became a centre of Indo-vedic culture and
civilization. Sanskrit literature is replete with references to it.’

Further down off the Coast of India is an set of Islands called the Maldives
who’s ancient tradition speaks of a group called the Redin:

“Very tall. They were fair-skinned, and they had brown hair, blue eyes
sometimes. And they were very, very good at sailing…. The Redin came long before
any other Maldivians. Between them and the present population other people had
also come, but none were as potent as the Redin and there were many of them.
They not only used sail but also oars, and therefore moved with great speed at

“During his series of research visits to the Maldives, Thor Heyerdahl collected
amd compiled the Redin legends form all parts of the archipelago. He concludes
that in the memory of the islanders the Redin were `a former people with more
then ordinary human capacities.’

Cowrie shells from the Maldives had been excavated among the ruins of the
Indus-Sarawati civilization at Lothal. A Vedic Aryan civilization dated at over
eight thousand years old.

Kumari Kandam

Kumari Kandam flood myth is set in the time between 12,000 and 10,000 years ago

“The First Sangam was headquartered in a city named Tenmadurai. It had 549
members “beginning, with Agattiyanar[the sage Agastaya]… Among others were God
Siva of braided air… Murugan the hill God, and Kubera the Lord of Treasure.”

“The Vedic God Rudra-Siva, Lord of Yoga, Siva’s primary attribute is gnosis-or
knowledge-and that whether in south India or the Himalayas he is associated with
a cult of esoteric knowledge that is said to have been carried down from before
the flood.”

The date of the first Sangam [or 9800 BC or 9400 BC] is close with Plato’s date
for the sinking of Atlantis 9600 BC [11,600 years ago].

This Sangam held an immense library of literature most of now all lost, the
First Sangam was destroyed by a deluge. The survivors of this antediluvian
civilization relocated further north, saving some of the First Sangam texts at
some point some moved into India.

It should be noted in the ancient Tamil texts it specifically calls this center
`Sangam” which is a Sanskrit word, not a Tamil word. Dr.Pillari a Tamil, states
that Tamil is descended from Sanskrit, the other language on Tamil Nadu[Sri
Lanka] Sinhalese is officially documented to be of Sanskrit origin.

“The questions continues to be this: how could Plato less than 2500 years ago,
or Nakirar less then 15oo years ago, have managed by chance to select the epoch
of 9600 BC in which to set, on the one hand, the sinking under waves of the
Atlantic Ocean of the great antediluvian civilization of Atlantis and, on the
other, the foundation of the First Sangam in Kumari Kandam-a doomed Indian Ocean
landmass that was itself destined to be swallowed up by the sea?”-G. Hancock

T.R. Sesha Iyenagar mentions in Tamil Traditions on Kumari Kandam:

“Connected with South India… which was overwhelmed and submerged by a huge
deluge. There are unmistakable indications in the Tamil traditions that the land
affected by the deluge was contiguous with Tamilaham and that, after the
subsidence, the Tamils naturally betook themselves to their northern provinces.”

Dr M. Sundaram, Chief Professor and Head of the Department of Tamil, Presidency
College, Madras wrote in his paper `The Cultural Heritage of the Ancient Tamils’

“The tradition of the loss of a vast continent by a deluge of the sea is too
strong in the ancient Tamil classics to be ignored by any serious type of
enquiry. In fact the first Tamil Sangam was said to have been functioning from
South Madurai, in the lost continent. Ancient grammatical texts in Tamil and
their latter day commentators testify that River Prahuli and Kumari Mountain
ranges were lost by a deluge, a Purunaruli verse refers to the River prahuli and
Silipathikaram mentions the deluge in which the Kumari continent was lost…”

Dr T.N.P. Haran, Professor of Tamil Studies at the Ameican College in Madura
states on this lost continent “The best and the ancient civilization existed
there…. Kumari Kandam was a big land. So many people were there. The sea came in
and it swallowed the whole thing.”

In the tale of the Ramayana we have evidence of a land bridge once existed
between India and Sri Lanka this has been found to have existed around 11,000
thousand years ago. Rama invaded the area

In the Rajavali a Sri Lanka record of their ancient oral tradition penned around
the 4th Century AD, it mentions from their primordial tradition of three floods
that stuck the area in three different era’s. The first flood is mentioned “in
a former age” during the time of the giant Ravana:

“The citadel of Ravana, 25 palaces and 400,000 streets, were swallowed up by the
sea… The submerged land was between Tuticorin[south-eat coast of modern Tamil
Nadu] and Mannar[NORTH-WEST COAST OF MODERN sri Lanka] and the island of Mannar
is all that is now left of what was once a large territory.”

A similar reference is made in the Ramayana and it includes Rama forces crossing
a Land Bridge[Rameswaram] between India and Sri Lanka was has been found to been
in existence around 11,000 years ago. To fight Ravana “A King of a former Age”
also stated to have been immortal and possessed of great powers.

From modern inundation mapping of the region it has been found that just as the
record of the primordial tradition stated the finds correspond to the record by
showing the area described as Ravana’s citadel would have been above the waves
over 10,000 years ago before flooding.

“But once again, as we know, there is abundant evidence that before the historic
period, at the end of the Ice Age, Sir Lanka was indeed much larger then it is
today with the greatest extent of antediluvian land in the north-west bridging
the Gulf of Mannar exactly where , `in a former age, Ravana’s citadel sis
supposed to have stood.”

Author and Researcher Graham Hancock states about his experiences in S.India:

“In Poompuhur and again in Mahabalipuram I met fishermen, who had nothing
whatsoever to gain by deceiving me, who claimed to have seen with their own eyes
what they described as `palaces’ or `temples’ or `walls’ or `roads’ underwater
when diving down to free trapped anchors or nets.”

One strange report was that of ruins close to Mahabalipuram that emit `clanging’
or `booming’ or `musical sounds if the sea conditions are right.’ It is like the
sound of a great sheet of metal being struck.’

One fisher stated:

“As far South as Rameswaram you may find ruins underwater I have fished there. I
have seen them.”

This significant as there have been major finds off Poompuhur of ancient
structures that have been dated to have sunk 10,000 thousand years ago. A time
as Author Graham Hancock mentions of his diving on the area:

” A well-organized and apparently man-made structure that had been inundated
more then 10,000 years ago at a time when there was no known civilization in the
vicinity that could have built it.”

Here is Graham Hancock record of his dive off Poompuhur:

The mystery of the U-shaped structure

Yet there are so many underworlds.

I’ll not add here to what I have to say in the book and the television series
about Malta, China and Japan — or why and where I think the Grand Bahama Bank
as it last looked 6000 years ago is portrayed on the infamous Piri Reis Map of

I’d like to close with the Indian “theme” of the last few paragraphs but in a
place about as far away as you can get from the Gulf of Cambay and still be in

The place is called Poompuhar. It lies on southeast India’s Coromandel coast
facing the Bay of Bengal between modern Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. Its immediate
offshore area has been the subject of marine archaeological investigations by
India’s National Institute of Oceanography since the 1980’s — and numerous
non-controversial finds of man-made structures dated between the third century
AD and the third century BC have been made in the “inter-tidal zone” close to
shore at depths down to 6 feet (approximately 2 meters).

These finds of structures in shallow water (some so shallow that they are
exposed at low tide) have been quite widely written-up in the archaeological
literature. But for some reason other discoveries that the NIO has made in
deeper water off Poompuhar have attracted no attention at all. Most notably
these other discoveries include a second completely separate group of structures
fully three miles from the Poompuhar shore in water that is more than 70 feet
(23 meters) deep. The lack of interest is surprising because to anyone with even
minimal knowledge of post-glacial sea-level rise their depth of submergence is –
or should be – highly anomalous. Indeed according to Glenn Milne’s sea-level
data the land on which these structures were built last stood above water at the
end of the Ice Age more than 11,000 years ago.

Is it a coincidence that there are ancient Tamil flood myths that speak of a
great kingdom that once existed in this area called Kumari Kandam that was
swallowed up by the sea? Amazingly the myths put a date of 11,600 years ago on
these events — the same timeframe given by Plato for the end of Atlantis in
another ocean.

Like the cities in the Gulf of Cambay the underwater structures three miles
offshore of Poompuhar were first identified by an instrument called side scan
sonar that profiles the seabed. One structure in particular was singled out for
investigation and was explored by divers from India’s National Institute of
Oceanography in 1991 and 1993. Although they were not at that time aware of the
implications of its depth of submergence — i.e. that it is at least 11,500
years old — the 1991 study confirms that it is man-made and describes it as:

a horse-shoe-shaped object, its height being one to two meters. A few stone
blocks were found in the one-meter wide arm. The distance between the two arms
in 20 meters. Whether the object is a shrine or some other man-made structure
now at 23 meters [70 feet] depth remains to be examined in the next field

The 1993 study refines the measurements:

The structure of U-shape was located at a water depth of 23 meters which is
about 5 kilometers off shore. The total peripheral length of the object is 85
meters while the distance between the two arms is 13 meters and the maximum
height is 2 meters Divers observed growth of thick marine organism on the
structure, but in some sections a few courses of masonry were noted

After 1993, no further marine archaeology was conducted along the Poompuhar
coast until 2001 when I arranged with the NIO to dive on the U-shaped structure
with funding from Channel 4 television in Britain and the Learning Channel in
the US. Exclusive footage of the structure was filmed and is shown in episode 2
of the Underworld television series. Chapter 14 of the book is a report of our
dives at Poompuhar, and what we found there.

Dr A.S. Gaur of the NIO told me on camera that it would have required “a very
great technology” to build the U-shaped structure — one far beyond the
abilities of known cultures in India 11,500 years ago. For Dr Gaur this is a
reason to doubt the accuracy of the sea-level-data which suggests that the
structure was submerged so long ago. However the NIO have not yet been
successful in recovering any datable materials or artifacts that could tell us
its age more directly (for example by C-14 or TL tests).

My own expedition to Poompuhar with the NIO in 2001 was limited to diving on the
U-shaped structure and one neighboring structure. But what’s really exciting is
that more than 20 other large structures are known to be located in the same
area down to depths of more than 100 feet. These have so far been identified
only by side scan sonar and never yet explored by divers. I’ve organized an
expedition jointly with India’s National Institute of Oceanography and John
Blashford-Snell’s Scientific Exploration Society in Britain to map and
investigate these other structures in March/April 2002.

The Cambay and Poompuhar discoveries are both reported in depth for the first
time in Underworld and set into the proper context of the flood myths and
inundation history of the broader regions to which they belong.

If they are what they seem to be — a caution I must repeat since so little
research has actually been done by anyone — then they signal an exciting new
era in Indian archaeology in which the investigation of submerged ruins will
play an increasingly important role. How do the Poompuhar finds compare with
those in Cambay? Are they both parts of the same lost civilization? Or do they
perhaps represent two separate Ice Age cultures, one based in the north and the
other in the south of the subcontinent?

Further exploration, involving divers, sonar scans and the recovery and analysis
of artifacts will provide the answers.

And for reasons that I explain in Underworld, I think India’s most ancient
scriptures, the Vedas, also have a lot to tell us. There are tremendously good
reasons to disbelieve the scholarly consensus (certainly the consensus amongst
Western scholars) that the Vedas were composed as late as 1500 B.C. Parts of
them probably do date from then; but some of the hymns could be much older than
that — carried down by oral traditions from much earlier times.”

BBC Article on another lost city found off the Western Coast of India:

“Marine scientists say archaeological remains discovered 36 metres (120 feet)
underwater in the Gulf of Cambay off the western coast of India could be over
9,000 years old.

The vast city – which is five miles long and two miles wide – is believed to
predate the oldest known remains in the subcontinent by more than 5,000 years.”

What caused the destruction?

Many ancient Traditions have tale of a war between the Gods that destroys the
Golden Age.

“In the Sanskrit texts – many marriages take place between the gods and they
also beget children. Copulation between gods and men also exists.”

“Vedic texts describe the conflictual relationship between the Asuras and Devas
who are depicted as the primary protagonists for control over Earth’s cities and
other planets. The Asuras appeared intent on taking direct control over human
cities and civilizations….

The Asuras used advanced technologies to invade different planets to establish
direct control though interbreeding and the introduction of advanced
technologies. Their chief protagonists, the Devas, also used advanced
technologies in their perennial conflict with the Asuras. In contrast to the
Asuras, however, the Devas were intent on establishing what they called the
Sanatana Dharma (eternal law) where righteous human rulers.”were in charge of
Earth’s different kingdoms and civilizations.”


“As many of you are aware, “Satan” translates as TRUTH in Sanskrit, the original
anguage of humanity .The Sanskrit root word “Sat”, also sometimes “Satya” means
Truth. “An” is also a shortening of “Ananta” which means Eternal/Infinite/Never
ending, etc. The name “Satan” as a whole can also therefore be translated as
“Truth Eternal” or “The Infinite and Never Ending Truth”. Our God Satan IS the
Eternal, Infinite and
Never Ending Truth!

The enemy kikes stole this, incorporating it into their filthy forged “language”
they call hebrew, changing the meaning of this Sacred Name to “adversary”. What
they are blatantly saying is that the Eternal and Never Ending Truth, Satan, is
their adversary. Truth is their worst enemy, as they are nothing but lies
As well as this, Satan is also a name and word of great Spiritual Power and
Enlightenment. As High Priestess Maxine Dietrich says on the Joy of Satan site,
“Satanama”, also a longer version of Satan, is an extremely Powerful Sanskrit
Mantra which has been used for thousands of years to reach a state of Spiritual

“Satan” can also be found in many other Powerful Sanskrit words. Here are a few
-The “Four Kumaras” or great Spiritual Powers were called Sanaka, Sanatana,
Sanandana and Sanatkumara. The Four Kumaras were called the “Sons of Brahma”.
Brahma here appears to be a name for the infinite Energy and Power called
“Ether” from which all was created, and the “Four Kumaras” seem to represent the
Four All Powerful Elements, Ether being the Fifth and the originator of the
others. The Elements are vital to all existence and form the Soul. Satan gave us
our Soul, and Satan is a Master over the Elements.
-The Sanskrit word Sanaatan or Sanataana which means eternal, fixed, perpetual,
ever present, the fixed creation and also Ancient and everlasting.

-The term “Sanatan Dharma” which means “The Eternal Law” or “Eternal teaching of
Truth” which was the original name given to the religion followed by the people
of the Indus Valley.
-Santa which in Sanskrit means peaceful, calm and stilled, i.e. the state of
Meditation where the mind is cleared and focused on one point. It can also mean:

“complete” and also “equilibrium”.
-SatNam which means “the True Name”.
-Satsang which means “the wise”.

The Sanskrit word for “lineage”, “race” or “descending from” is also SaMtaana,
and this was used as a term for Gentile People in Sanskrit. It’s interesting
that the word for Race or Lineage contains the name Satan within it, as this is
yet more proof of the Gentile People being descended from Satan and so deeply
connected to our True God Satan. SaMtaana also means “continuous flow”,
“connection to”, “family” and “children”.

The name “Satan” has always been associated with great Power and Importance.

All of this proves even further that it is Satan/Enki that is Truth, Power and
Knowledge. Satan is the True God of the Gentile People”–High Priestess Zildar

This excerpt quote from the Catholic Encyclopedia is very revealing:
In the same way the Greeks and Romans may have worshipped their divinities,
fondly believing them to be good. But the Christian Scriptures declare that all
the gods of the Gentiles are demons.
Catholic Encyclopedia: Devil Worship

Our Planet was attacked by enemy ET’s who did not want Humanity to advance Satan
is the Father of Humanity[Also called ENKI in the Sumerian] along with the other
Deva’s. Who along with the other Arya’s defended the planet and it’s people to
the best they could but where out numbered. These enemy ET’s did not want
Humanity to reach its full evolution to perfection. This is obvious in their
manifesto the bible. Such as the tower of Babel tale which in the Hebrew tower
is listed as migrad meaning pyramid structure the tale mentions these beings
coming down to earth and upon seeing humanity was building a great pyramid
attacked the planet and caused confusion and ended of humanities advancement
even stating their reason for doing so once again as in the Garden tale was if
humanity obtained the empowerment from such endeavors they would become as Gods
and these ET’s desire to exploit humanity would be at an end.

The Pyramid structure is an allegory for the temple of the Sun, the human soul
of which the capstone symbolizes the perfection and completion of the work.

“The PYRAMID is symbolic of the shape of the human chakra. The missing capstone
represents the unfinished work and the ALL-SEEING EYE represents the gnosis and
all-knowing when one reaches the godhead. This state is also known as “SAMADI”

So we see blatantly Humanity was spirituality advancing towards perfection and
this caused the war between the Gods that ended the Golden Age. Note these enemy
ET’s are very threatened by spiritual advanced and advancing Humans as we have
the powers our the Gods within us.

“The Ramayana’s 24,000 sholkas are also a treasure trove to pointers to the
gods’ space traveling activities. There is a detailed description of a wonderful
car which immediately suggests the idea of a spaceship. The car rises into the
air with a whole family on board. Curiously enough, this craft is described as a
flying pyramid which takes off vertically. When this flying pyramid rose from
the ground, it naturally made a tremendous noise.

If the Ramayana mentions what is clearly a flying apparatus, which made the
mountains tremble, rose up amid thunder, burnt trees, meadows and the tops of

According to Professor Dileep Kumar Kanjilal in his book, Vimana in Ancient

In addition to the Vaimanika Shashtra, the Samarangana Sutradhara and the
Yuktikalpataru of Bhoja, there are about 150 verses of the Rig Veda, Yajurveda
and the Atharvaveda, a lot of literary passages belonging to the Ramayana, the
Mahabharata, the Puranas, the Bhagavata and the Raghuvamsa and some references
of the darma Abhijnanasakuntalam of Kalidasa, the Abimaraka of Bhasa, the
Jatalas. the Avadhana Literature and of the Kathasaritsagara and a number of
literary works contained either references to graphic aerial flight or to the
mechanism of the aerial vehicles used in old ages in India.

In the Ramayana both the words “Vimana” and “Ratha” have been used:

Kamagam ratham asthaya…nadanadipatim (3. 35. 6-7). He boarded the aerial
vehicle with Khara which was decorated with jewels and the faces of demons and
it moved with noise resembling the sonorous clouds.

You may go to your desired place after enticing Sita and I shall bring her to
Lanka by air.. So Ravana and Maricha boarded the aerial vehicle resembling a
palace (Vimana) from that hermitage.

Then the demoness brought the Puspaka aerial vehicle and placed Sita on it by
bringing her from the Ashoka forest and she was made to see the battle field
with Trijata.

This aerial vehicle marked with Swan soared into the sky with loud noise.

Reference to Flying vehicles as Vimana occur in the Mahabharata in about 41
places of which the air attack of Salva on Krisna’s capital Dwaraka deserve
special notice. The Asura king Salva had an aerial flying machine known as
Saubha-pura in which he came to attack Dwaraka. He began to shower hails, and
missiles from the sky. As Krishna chased him he went near the sea and landed in
the high seas. Then he came back again with his flying machine and gave a tough
fight to Krishna staying about one Krosa (about 4,000 ft) above the ground
level. Krishna at last threw a powerful ground-to-air weapon which hit the plane
in the middle and broke it into pieces. The damaged flying machine fell into the
seas. This vivid description of the air attack occurs in the Bhagavata also. We
also come across the following references to missiles, armaments, sophisticated
war-machines and mechanical contrivances as well as to Vimanas in Mahabharata.

The Mahabharata is one of the oldest known texts on earth:

Here the reference is to the Mahabharata wherein a great war involving advanced
technologies led to the decimation of Asura dominated kingdoms in ancient India.
Numerous references in the Mahabharata refer to the destructiveness of the
advanced weapons used, some of which appeared to be atomic in nature as
evidenced in the following passage:

Gurkha flying in his swift and powerful Vimana hurled against the three cities
of the Vrishis and Andhakas a single projectile charged with all the power of
the Universe. An incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as the
thousand suns rose in all its splendor… a perpendicular explosion with its
billowing smoke clouds… the cloud of smoke rising after its first explosion
formed into expanding round circles like the opening of giant parasols… It was
the unknown weapon, the Iron Thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death which
reduced to ashes the entire race of the Vrishnis and Andhakas… The corpses
were so burned as to be unrecognizable. The hair and nails fell out; pottery
broke without apparent cause, and the birds turned white. After a few hours all
foodstuffs were infected… …to escape from this fire the soldiers threw
themselves in streams to wash themselves and their equipment.

Mahabharata from Chandra Roy translation 1889:

…This weapon was so feared that “in great distress of mind” the king had the
bolt reduced to fine powder and thrown into the sea. Even with these
precautions, peoples hair and fingernails fell out overnight, birds turned white
and their legs became scarlet and blistered, and food went bad… Gurkha flying
in his swift and powerful Vimana hurled against the three cities of the Vrishis
and Andhakas a single projectile charged with all the power of the Universe. It
was theunknown weapon, the Iron Thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death which
reduced to ashes the entire race of the Vrishnis and Andhakas… The corpses were
so burned as to be unrecognizable. Their hair and nails fell out; pottery broke
without apparent cause, and the birds turned white. After a few hours all
foodstuffs were infected…To escape from this fire the soldiers threw themselves
in streams to wash themselves and their equipment…

Historian Kisari Mohan Ganguli says that “Indian sacred writings” are full of
such descriptions, which sound like an atomic blast as experienced in Hiroshima
and Nagasaki. He says references mention fighting sky chariots and final

An ancient battle is described in the Drona Parva, a section of the Mahabharata.

“The passage tells of combat where explosions of final weapons decimate entire
armies, causing crowds of warriors with steeds and elephants and weapons to be
carried away as if they were dry leaves of trees,” says Ganguli.

“Instead of mushroom clouds, the writer describes a perpendicular explosion with
its billowing smoke clouds as consecutive openings of giant parasols. There are
comments about the contamination of food and people’s hair falling out.”

Archeological Investigation provides information
Archeologist Francis Taylor says that etchings in some nearby temples he has
managed to translate suggest that they prayed to be spared from the great light
that was coming to lay ruin to the city.

“It’s so mid-boggling to imagine that some civilization had nuclear technology
before we did. The radioactive ash adds credibility to the ancient Indian
records that describe atomic warfare.”

Construction has halted while the five member team conducts the investigation.

The foreman of the project is Lee Hundley,

who pioneered the investigation after the high level of radiation was

In ancient India the texts of the Karna Parva recounts the story of “the War of
the Gods and Asuras” waged by the great ruler Sankara Mahadeva against his
enemies, the Daityas and Danavas. The ruler went forth in his “radiant celestial
vehicle” and attacked the triple-city of Tripura, totally destroying it with his
“god-given weapon” and sending “all the rebellious races burning to the bottom
of the Western Ocean .” The texts in Chapter XXXIV of the Karna Parva say that:

“The illustrious deity sped forth, and his shaft which represented the might of
the whole universe penetrated the triple city. Loud wails of woe were heard from
all those within as they began to fall. Thus was the triple city burnt and thus
were the Asuras burned and the Danavas exterminated by the gods.”

Two other ancient treatises from India , the Drona Bhisheka (Chapter XI) and the
Harivamsa (Chapter LVI), offer descriptions of other major destructions from the
same war in which whole cities were “consumed in an all-encompassing inferno”
and “plunged into the water depths.” These accounts conclude with the defeat of
a peoples called the Avantis—very close to Plato’s Atlantis.

In the Hindu epic poems of the Mahabharata and Ramayana are even more detailed
descriptions of an age thousands of years ago when great god-kings rode about in
their Vimanas or flying craft and waged war by launching powerful weapons at
their enemies.

The descriptions given of these weapons in the ancient verses—their force, the
characteristics of their destruction and the after-affects—sound disturbingly
modern. The texts describe:

*The thunderbolt of Indra was endowed with the force of thousand-eyed Indra’s
*The bolt of death measured three cubits by six. It was the unknown weapon, the
iron thunderbolt of Indra, the messenger of death.
*The projectile was charged with all the power of the Universe.
*The Agneya weapon was capable of being resisted by none of the very gods
*The Brahma-danda or Brahma’s rod was even more powerful.
*Though it struck only once, it smote whole countries and entire races from
generation to generation.
*Adwattan let loose the blazing missile of smokeless fire.
*The missile burst with the power of thunder.
*The flying missile ruined whole cities filled with forts.
*The three cities of the Vrishnis and Andhakas were destroyed together in one
*An incandescent column of smoke and fire as brilliant as ten thousand suns rose
in all its splendor.
*Clouds roared upward showering dust and gravel.
*Dense arrows of flame like a great shower issued forth upon creation,
encompassing the enemy on all sides.
*The sky blazed and the ten points of the horizon filled with smoke.
*Meteors flashed down from the sky.
*Fierce winds began to blow, and the very elements seemed disturbed.
*The sun appeared to waver in the heavens.
*The earth and all its mountains and seas and forests began to tremble.
*The wind blew as a fierce storm and the earth glowed.
*No one saw the fire—it was unseen. Yet it consumed everything.
*As rain poured down it was dried in mid-air by the heat.
*Birds croaked madly, and beasts shuddered from the destruction.
*Animals crumpled to the ground, their heads broken, and they died over a vast
*Elephants burst into flame, running to and fro in frenzy seeking protection.
*The waters of rivers and lakes boiled and the creatures residing therein
*Thousands of war vehicles fell down on either side.
*Whole armies collapsed like trees in a forest burnt where they stood as in a
raging fire.
*Corpses were so burnt they were no longer recognizable.
*The gaze of the Kapilla weapon was powerful enough to burn fifty thousand men
to ashes.
*The thunderbolt reduced to ashes the entire race of Vrishnis and Ankhakas.
*To escape the breath of death the warriors leapt into rivers to wash themselves
and bury their armor.
*Hair and nails fell out.
*Unborn children were killed in the womb.
*Birds were born with white feathers, red feet and in the shape of turtles.
*Pottery broke without cause.
*All foods became poisoned and inedible.
*The land was afflicted by drought thereafter for ten long years.

There are too many details here that are frighteningly similar to an eye-witness
account of a nuclear explosion—the brightness of the blast, the column of rising
smoke and fire, the fallout, intense heat and shock waves, the appearance of the
victims and the effects of radiation poisoning. More than half a century ago
these ancient descriptions were considered mere fantasy—but with the advent of
the Nuclear Age in 1945, suddenly the texts from ancient India take on a whole
new meaning.

There are remains that strongly suggest that nuclear wars were indeed waged in
the distant past. According to the Mahabharata, the Great Bharata War in which
flying Vimanas and fiery weapons were used, involved prehistoric inhabitants
along the upper Ganges River of northern India . Precisely in the region,
between the Ganges and the mountains of Rajmahal, are numerous charred ruins
which have yet to be explored or excavated.

Observations made in the nineteenth century indicated that the ruins were not
burnt by ordinary fire. In many instances they appeared as huge masses fused
together with deeply pitted surfaces—described as being like tin struck by a
stream of molten steel.

Some scholars are of the opinion that the horrific war which brought about the
fall of the prehistoric Rama Empire in India was once fought in the region of
what is now Kashmir . Just outside of Srinigar are the massive ruins of a temple
complex called Parshaspur, whose multi-ton stone blocks are scattered over a
wide area. The configuration of the blocks is suggestive of a tremendous
explosion having once destroyed the site. It is not without karmic significance
that today the two modern southern Asian nuclear powers— India and Pakistan —are
bitter rivals, and one of the elements of their contention is the disputed
region of Kashmir .

Have We Shattered the Atom Before?—Signs of a Former Nuclear Age?

Today we tend to belittle the past and boast our age as the highest peak in
human cultures.

Whole cities were “consumed in an all-encompassing inferno” – says The

Farther to the south among the dense forests of the Deccan are more such ruins
which may be of earlier origin, pointing back to a war antedating that the
Mahabharata, and which encompassed a far greater area. The walls are glazed,
corroded and split by a tremendous heat. Within several of the buildings that
remain standing even the stone furnishings have been vitrified. That is, the
surfaces of the rock have been melted and re-crystallized.

No natural burning flame or volcanic eruption could have produced a heat intense
enough to cause this phenomena. Only a strong radiated heat could have done this
damage. In this same region as this second group of ruins, Russian researcher
Alexander Gorbovsky reported in 1966 the discovery of a human skeleton with
radiation fifty times above normal levels.

In January, 1992 a news report was published concerning the discovery of a
three-square mile area of radioactive ash in Rajasthan, located ten miles west
of Jodhpur . The development of a housing project in this area had to be
abandoned because of the high incidents of recurring cancer and birth defects.

A nuclear power plant recently built in the region was thought to be the
culprit, but a five-member scientific team, headed by project foreman Lee
Hundley, dispatched to study the mystery found a very different source. They
eventually unearthed the charred remains of buildings thought to be at least
eight to twelve millennia old which were once inhabited by perhaps as many as
half a million people.

The prehistoric city had all the appearance—and the tell-tale radioactive
residue—of having been destroyed by a nuclear weapon the scientists estimated
was about the same size as that which destroyed Hiroshima in 1945.

Archaeologist Francis Taylor, in a follow-up to this initial discovery, found
historical wall engravings and texts in a nearby temple which depicted the local
people as praying to be spared from the “great light” that was coming to destroy
their city. The inscriptions appeared to have been copied from older sources
going back several thousands of years. Taylor was quoted as saying:

“It’s so mind-boggling to imagine that some civilization had nuclear technology
before we did. The radioactive ash adds credibility to the ancient Indian
records that describe atomic warfare.”

In order to protect the local population, the ash and ruins were carefully
covered over to barricade against the remaining radiation, and today only a
length of thick concrete highway running through the area is all that can be

It may be more than coincidental that at the time the mysterious city was
destroyed in Rajasthan circa twelve thousand years ago, there was also an
increase in traces of copper, tin and lead in ice cores from around the
world—indicative of huge amounts of pollutants suddenly being thrown into the
upper atmosphere and circulated around the globe—as well as a dramatic increase
in uranium concentrations in coral growths from 1.5 parts per million to over 4
parts per million. Paleo-climatologists have never been able to explain these
increases as a natural occurrence.

Note: Another curious sign of an ancient nuclear war in India is a giant crater
near Mumbai (formerly Bombay). The nearly circular 2,154-metre-diameter Lonar
crater, located 400 kilometres northeast of Mumbai and dated at less than 50,000
years old, could be related to nuclear warfare of antiquity. No trace of any
meteoric material, etc., has been found at the site or in the vicinity, and this
is the world’s only known “impact” crater in basalt. Indications of great shock
(from a pressure exceeding 600,000 atmospheres) and intense, abrupt heat
(indicated by basalt glass spherules) can be ascertained from the site.

Main Sources:

UNDERWORLD The Mysterious Origins of Civilization, Hancock Graham

The Mahabharata



Exposing Spiritual Corruption

Exposing Spiritual Corruption:
Spiritual Alchemy
The Bible

True Satanism is based upon the ancient religions that predated Judaism, Christianity, and Islam by hundreds to thousands of years. The traditional colors of black and red used in Satanism, date all the way back to Ancient Egypt and are symbolic of spiritual transformation. The ancient religions were based upon completing our Creator Satan’s work: that of transforming the human soul into that of a god and achieving god-like power and immortality. Satan’s Kingdom was stolen from him.

The Judeo/Christian Bible is a corruption of stolen material that has been used to spiritually enslave humanity. All of the legends of the Gods are allegories. The Vatican and its cohorts have gained wealth, power, and control by forcing people to believe these allegories are literal places and characters.

The completion of the work, what is known in alchemy as the “Magnum Opus” has its foundation in the kundalini. The kundalini serpent lies coiled at the base of the spine. Through meditation, the fiery serpent ascends. This is what is known as “Raising the Devil.” There are 33 vertebrae in the in the human spinal column. We often hear the term “33rd degree Mason” or that the fictitious nazarene lived 33 years. The kundalini serpent ascends the 33 vertebrae of the spine.

The seven chakras are also very important in the work. When the kundalini ascends, it must pierce through each of the seven chakras. This is why there is so much emphasis on the number seven in many ancient spiritual texts and also what has been corrupted in the Judeo/Christian Bible. Christian leaders mislead their followers through deceiving them into believing the stolen legends in the bible are real. Through this deception, the Vatican and Christian churches have obtained unbelievable wealth and power. This power is not only in the material world, but in the spiritual as well. All spiritual knowledge was systematically removed with the Inquisition.Those at the top are adept at black magick and have advanced to spiritual power, while the rest of humanity suffers under their control.

Many ancient paintings we are told are of the nazarene, “virgin mary” and related are really of the Original Gods, such as Marduk (Amon Ra) and Astaroth. The Magnum Opus begins ideally in the spring when the Sun is in Aries, thus the man standing with the lamb. The halo is the ascended kundalini and the vibrant aura of witchpower. The Catholic Church stole this and has been passing it off as their fictitious nazarene. The glyphs for the sign of Aries can be readily seen in Astaroth’s Sigil:

(All of the Demon Sigils are designs of important alchemical symbols).

The story of the creation in the book of genesis is another allegory: “God’ creates the universe in “seven days,” “On the seventh day he rested.”Those of us who are educated know once the kundalini serpent has ascended through the 6 chakras and passed through the three “knots” (trinity), the seventh is effortless. In truth, “Heaven” is a code word for the seventh chakra. We have all heard the term “Seventh heaven.” “God” is a code word for ourselves and also the word “Gods” is a code for the chakras in many ancient texts. “Hell” is a code word for the base chakra, aka “the lower world” where the scorching hot kundalini serpent lies dormant.

The tree in the “Garden of Eden” in the bible was stolen from many different religions predating Christianity and symbolizes a map of the human soul, the trunk of the tree representing the human spine, with the branches symbolizing the “144,000” nadis. “Adam and Eve” symbolize the Ida and the Pingala, where the two meet and become one. With the ascended kundalini and the fusion of the ida and pingala at the 6th chakra, gnosis is obtained and one’s spiritual eyes are opened. This was originally symbolized in the Egyptian “All-seeing Eye.”

The separated capstone atop the pyramid symbolizes our Creator Satan’s unfinshed work.

The number 12 is also ubiquitous in many ancient texts and also in the stolen material of the bible. The number 12 symbolizes the 12 steps in the magnum opus. These are based upon the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Genesis 1
1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
The heaven and earth symbolize the crown and base chakras

2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
“Without form and void” represent what is known as the “chaos” stage in the magnum opus.

4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.
The light is where one creates what is known as the prima materia, the foundation of the philosopher’s stone. This is done by condensing the bioelectricity/chi into a ball of light.

5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.
This is a first step and foundation, thus “the first day.”

16 And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.
17 And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth,
18 And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good.
19 And the evening and the morning were the fourth day.

The above verses regarding the “two great lights” symbolize the heart chakra, where “heaven” and “earth” meet. As we can see in the downward point of Satan’s Sigil, the Satanic Pentagram, and Baphomet, light descends through the crown to the base chakra.

20 And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.
“The elixir of life, the blessed waters, penetrate down to them [the metals/chakras] and rouse them from their sleep.” This is what is known as the “dew” that is secreted by the pineal gland as a result of power meditation. Birds are also very important symbols in alchemy.

27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.
31 And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

From the above, again the ALLEGORY is perverted and twisted. The “sixth day” is the sixth chakra where the male and female ida and pingala meet.

3 And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work, which God created and made.
Here is another alchemical allegory that was stolen and twisted. When the alchemist has completed his/her work, he/she rests. “God” = OURSELVES!

The genesis saga continues, all of it stolen and corrupted from religions predating xianity.

Genesis 3: 3 But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.

There is the stage in alchemy where one undergoes a death of the prima materia. This is known as “nigredo” “black stage.”

  • “The initial, black stage of the opus alchymicum in which the body of the impure metal, the matter of the Stone, or the old outmoded state of being is killed, putrefied and dissolved into the original substance of the creation, the prima materia, in order that it may be renovated and reborn in a new form.”¹

Here is where the fictitious nazarene was also invented. The nazarene was stolen from some 18+ Pagan Gods who were “crucified” on a cross or hung from a tree. All of this is an allegory, for example: The Norse God Odin hung from a tree and experienced a death of sorts to obtain knowledge. Through being reborn, he obtained gnosis. The cross represents the all-important four quarters. This is also the meaning of the hanged man card in the Tarot. The Egyptian phoenix has the same meaning- rebirth through fire. The eclipse said to have occurred during the supposed “crucifixion” of the nazarene also symbolizes the nigredo stage of blackness. This stage is also symbolized by the black crow and the Black Sun.

4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:
The kundalini serpent transforms, but does not kill.

5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.
This is the gnosis that the Christian Churches and their nefarious cohorts have relentlessly worked against. Once our eyes have been opened, we can no longer be deceived by ANY lies!

7 And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.
Nakedness is another allegory of rebirth. Everyone is born naked.

Now, we get to “Noah” and the ark, which was stolen from the Sumerian epic of Ziusudra.

  • “Noah’s flood is a symbol for the ‘dissolution of the Stone’s matter into the prima materia during the nigredo. At this stage of the opus, the cold, moist, feminine principle (Luna) is said to dominate the hot, dry coagulating male aspect of the opus (Sol).” ²

The water element is feminine, while the fire element is masculine. This stage of the opus is symbolized by a flood of energy which is symbolized by the flood of waters. The flood is another allegory of death and regeneration. The ark itself is symbolic of the human body. The allegory of the crow not returning to the ark is symbolic of the stage is not yet completed. The “dove” symbolizes the white stage aka the “albedo.”

  • “The albedo occurs after the blackened matter, the putrefied body of the metal or the matter for the stone, lying dead at the bottom of the alembic, has been washed to whiteness by the mercurial waters.” ³

It is readily apparent how this allegory has been corrupted into an assumed actual event, complete with characters.

4 And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat.
AGAIN, the number seven and “rest.” This symbolizes the seventh chakra, which is effortless bliss and the ” mountains of Ararat” symbolize the completed work, which was STOLEN from the meaning of the Egyptian pyramids- the apex point at the top which has its foundation at the four quarters.

Now, I might also add here- to the fools who have been attacking Enili/Beelzebub with drowning humanity- GET A LIFE!!!!
Knowledge comes from Satan.

13 I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.
14 And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud:
15 And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.

The “bow” is the rainbow, the iridescent colors that indicate another higher stage of the magnum opus has been completed. THIS STAGE, I MIGHT ADD IS ALSO SYMBOLIZED BY THE PEACOCK. THE PEACOCK IS A SYMBOL OF AND IS SACRED TO SATAN!

Verse 13 reads: “a covenant between me and the earth.”“God” is another alchemical code word for the crown chakra, aka “heaven” (the top three chakras are also symbolic of ‘heaven’) “paradise” “bliss” and the earth is the lower world, symbolized by the three lower chakras. This indicates “heaven” and earth have been merged at the heart chakra.

The following biblical books are the fictitious history of the Jewish people. The “torah” was STOLEN and corrupted from the Egyptian Tarot. The “Torah” is also known as the “Pentateuch,” the five books of “Moses” (another fictitious character). One can see this was stolen from the five suits of the Tarot- the wands/rods (suit of fire); the pentacles (suit of earth); the cups (suit of water); and the swords (suit of air) and of course the trump, representing the element of the quintessence.

  • “The nigredo stage ends on the surface of a starry aspect, which is likened to the night sky which told shepherds and kings that a child was born in Bethlehem.” 4

AGAIN, this is symbolic and indicates another stage of the work, when one can ‘see’ the light of the chi stone in the black void, when one’s eyes are closed, during meditation. The “three” magi represent the three stages of the work. The fictitious nazarene- the stone (which was born from the work).

  • “There are three stones, or three works, or three degrees of perfection, within the work.” 5

Here we go again with twisted allegories in relation to that fictitious nazarene – the “crucifixion” – two others were crucified with the nazarene, making three.

I could go on and on and on, citing biblical verses and revealing how they were stolen and corrupted. The character of the nazarene, which was invented from an allegory has:

1. Acted to remove all spiritual knowledge and replace it with bullshit. The “Jesus saves” crap (ad nauseum) and the “born again” have been twisted and incorporated into this fictitious character. in other words, deluded ones have been deceived into believing this character will take care of everything spiritual as long as they conform to the agenda.

2. The “Jesus” character has acted as the thought police for ultimate control. Wars have been fought repeatedly over beliefs and ideas. Control what is in the mind of humanity and you will control humanity.

3. Since the nazarene is fictitious, he can be anything to anyone which those in powerful positions in the xian program dictate. He can change with the times and conform to any agenda.

It is time everyone wakes up to the spiritual corruption that has played humanity to the tune of trillions and trillions of dollars, souls and everything else these parasites have taken their followers for a ride with.



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© Copyright 2006, Joy of Satan Ministries;
Library of Congress Number: 12-16457



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